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DOI & Crossref. Arnoud de Kemp Springer-Verlag [email protected] Not-for-profit network founded early 2000 First full-scale implementation of DOI PILA: Publishers Independent Linking Association, Inc. 168 publishers/societies 60 libraries 29 intermediaries.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Doi crossref

DOI & Crossref

Arnoud de Kemp


[email protected]

Www crossref org

  • Not-for-profit network founded early 2000

  • First full-scale implementation of DOI

  • PILA: Publishers Independent Linking Association, Inc.

  • 168 publishers/societies

  • 60 libraries

  • 29 intermediaries

What crossref is not
What CrossRef is not:

  • A product for sale

  • An article database

  • A direct-to-end-user service

  • A search interface

  • A broker of full-text content

  • A consortium of big commercial publishers

  • CrossRef: complete citation linking backbone for all scholarly literature online (new as well as old)

For whom
For Whom?

  • Any publisher of primary research material in digital form

  • Libraries for localized linking solutions, enriching online catalogues and databases with links to their own full-text holdings

  • Secondary publishers and journal hosting services

  • Technology companies

Key benefits
Key Benefits

  • No state links: a DOI link is a persistent link in citations and databases

  • A single agreement rather than numerous bilateral linking agreements

  • Newest literature: outbound links to the latest cited sources

  • Higher accessibility through inbound links

  • Central DOI Directory

How the system works a
How the System works (A)

  • Join as a member and receive a DOI prefix

  • Create your own DOI (using the prefix) and assign it the article`s metadata and URL

  • Submit the record in a strict XML-based DTD format to the CrossRef MDDB

  • CrossRef registers each article DOI and URL in a central directory, thus allowing for permanent inbound links

How the system works b
How the System works (B)

  • In a separate process, the publishers also submits the citations contained in each article to the Reference Resolver, the front-end component of the MDDB

  • The publisher, library, XYZ can add outbound links to any of the article´s citation

  • Special querying and look-up process

Why libraries participate
Why Libraries participate?

  • Library users want to navigate directly from citations or database records to journal articles

  • Library records do not contain article-level information or links

  • CrossRef is a key piece of the puzzle in localized linking solutions for digital collections

  • CrossRef does not compete with OpenURL, which is a syntax for transporting metadata within URLs

  • All CrossRef publishers are OpenURL compliant

Some numbers other information
Some numbers & Other Information

  • 1,2 million resolutions in April 2002

  • Deposits for over 5 million articles

  • Backfile content is being added, e.g. APS goes back to 1893

  • Solution for the „appropriate copy problem“

  • Linking to non-journal content, beginning with conference proceedings and books

Some cooperations
Some Cooperations

  • International DOI Foundation (IDF)

  • Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRS): Handle System

  • Ex Libris

  • OhioLINK

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Board of Directors representing many parties