Information architecture wg report of the spring 2010 meeting
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Information Architecture WG: Report of the Spring 2010 Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Architecture WG: Report of the Spring 2010 Meeting. May 6, 2010 Dan Crichton, Chair Steve Hughes (presenting) NASA/JPL. Summary Technical Status. Information Architecture WG Goal: Develop a reference architecture and a formal representation method

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Information architecture wg report of the spring 2010 meeting

Information Architecture WG:Report of the Spring 2010 Meeting

May 6, 2010

Dan Crichton, Chair

Steve Hughes (presenting)


Summary Technical Status

  • Information Architecture WG

    • Goal: Develop a reference architecture and a formal representation method

    • Working Group Status: Active _X__ Idle ___ Will be terminated __

    • Working Group Summary Situation:

    • Working Group Summary progress:

    • Good progress on wrapping up final issues on the registry-repository model

    • Development of an information service architecture concept paper

    • Interactions with the Reference Architecture BoF and Super SIG regarding development of a SOA style information architecture

    • Problems and Issues:

    • Overlapping meeting times makes cross-coordination difficult

Executive summary
Executive Summary

  • Good discussion on reviewing issues of the Registry Repository reference model

    • Some updates required after attending the “Boot Camp!” before red book submission

    • Still addressing issues of how to link CCSDS and ebXML

  • Several good discussions on the Information Service Architecture and review of the concept and recommendations

    • Recommendation is to form a Information Service Architecture BoF which will begin working on a charter in London

    • A collaboration will take place with SM+C to review their common services and MAL for consideration as part of the broader information service architecture and to map it to a common layered model of a CCSDS information system view

    • Some actions needed by WG chairs to help in the analysis of overlaps (information, service, infrastructure, messaging) layers

Progress achieved
Progress Achieved

  • Registry Repository

    • IA/IPR have agreed on a schedule for release of the registry-repository books

    • An updated registry repository reference model was distributed to the IPR and IA groups prior to the meeting

      • Comments provided from NASA; ESA committed to providing comments, but not received yet.

    • An information model WB was also distributed (as a planned green book), but some discussions of whether we should just point directly to the ebXML RIM

    • Feedback provided and plans for completing the red book including reviewing the CCSDS procedures to make sure it goes smoothly

  • A concept paper on the Information Service Architecture as produced along with a presentation. The presentation was given in the IPR/IA and Super SIG groups. It was agreed that a BoF should be created which will eventually include elements from IPR/IA and potentially MOIMS.

    • Development of a WG charter will help to flush out the work products


  • Registry/Repository: Address RIDS and changes to the WB and prepare for red book changes (August 2010)

    • This will require some re-work

  • Continue to evolve the Information Service Architecture WB (July 2010)

    • Distribute to the Super SIG stakeholders

  • Hold NASA TIM in September 2010

    • Begin charter planning for ISA

Open issues
Open Issues

  • Registry/Repository: Current plan is to publish a magenta book, but there are discussions here (ranging from publish as Green to publish as Blue)

  • Information Architecture: Continued efforts are needed to coordinate cross-area activity in SOA; suggest CESG direct WGs to help identify overlaps of common services, information models, and messaging

Action items
Action Items

  • Send meeting notes, presentations and comments to IAWG

    • To: Info Arch WG Members

    • Due: June 1, 2010

  • Send ISA concept paper

    • To: SIG members

    • Due: July 2010

  • Distribute updated registry repository reference architecture

    • To: IPR and MOIMS members

    • Due: August 2010

Resource problems
Resource Problems

  • There may not be enough resource commitments from member agencies to achieve deliverables, however, we continue to see increasing involvement

  • Need to identify overlaps in WGs, in terms of information service architecture, and determine how to best leverage what’s been done and to move it towards a more widely used standard within CCSDS

Cross area wg bof issues
Cross Area WG / BOF Issues

  • Need to also get to the stakeholders in the other groups who have SOA-related patterns and standards, to work together

    • SEA, MOIMS and CSS areas in particular need to work together with support from the AD down

  • Need to combine IPR and IA into the ISA WG in Fall 2010

New working items new bofs etc
New Working Items, New BOFs, etc.

  • Support the creation of the ISA BoF with direction to identify a charter and to identify its work products as well as how it will integrate existing SOA and information architecture related activities.