Georges seurat
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Georges Seurat. By: Rebecca Emanuel. Biographical Information . Born on December 2, 1859 Full name: Georges-Pierre Seurat Youngest of 3 children

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Georges seurat

Georges Seurat

By: Rebecca Emanuel

Biographical information
Biographical Information

  • Born on December 2, 1859

  • Full name: Georges-Pierre Seurat

  • Youngest of 3 children

  • He was born into a very rich family in Paris. His father was a wealthy lawyer named Chrsostome-Antoine Seurat. His mother, Ernestine Faivre, came from a rich Parisian family.

  • He died at the age of 31 in 1891. (meningitis)

Biographical information1
Biographical Information

  • 1870s-Took private drawing lessons from his uncle, Paul Haumonte, a painter.

  • 1875- Studied drawing under the sculptor Justin Lequien.

  • 1878-1879-Studied art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

  • Seurat left the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1879 to perform his military service in Brest.

  • He founded Neo-Impressionism

  • Created the principle of use of Pointalism

Influential life experiences
Influential Life Experiences

  • He traveled with Edmond-Francois Aman-Jeanto the island of La Grande Jatte. This island was the inspiration for manyof his future works.

Influential life experiences1
Influential life experiences

  • Seurat found lots of inspiration during his military career; much of his inspiration came from the beaches and sea. He created many different paintings and drawings at this time.

Artist s art movement
Artist’s Art Movement

  • Seurat has been noted as the founder of Neo-Impressionism. (Post Impressionism)

  • Major example as an “artist as a scientist.” All his life he studied color and theories and the effects of where they should be placed for different effects.

  • The Pointillism technique, in which small dots of color are grouped to make more colors than that were used, was adopted by his followers, the Neo-Impressionists.

Artist art movement
Artist Art Movement

  • Neo-Impressionism was the movement of applying separate colors to the surface so that the eye mixed the colors rather than the artist on his or her palette.

  • It started in France and flourished from 1886 to 1906.

  • Seurat caused the changing point from the Impressionism movement to Neo-Impressionism. He started using pointillism in his works to depict a new style of art. Many other artist followed and started using new ways that were not acceptable in the Impressionism Era.

Artist s art movement1
Artist’s Art Movement

  • Neo-Impressionism led into the Fauvism and Expressionism era. This movement changes color, light, and texture for a desired effect. Georges Seurat affected this movement because the pointillism technique was still used, and so was the blending of colors.

Artist s art movement2
Artist’s Art Movement

  • Locations where he worked: Seurat moved wherever he found inspiration. He worked in the war and on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Many of his works were completed in his personal studio.

  • Other influential artists at this time: Paul Signac, Camille Pissarro, and Lucien Pissarro.

  • His most famous art works are Bathers at Asnières and A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.


Oil On Canvas

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte

Le Bec du Hoc, Grandcamp


Oil On Canvas

The lighthouse at honfleur
The Lighthouse at Honfleur


Oil on Canvas

Le port de Gravelines

Oil On Canvas


Young Woman Powdering Herself


Oil on Canvas

Oil on canvas

The Circus