Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence

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Agenda. What is Business Intelligence?Business Intelligence Options in GP 9.0SmartList BuilderAnalysis CubesSQL Reporting ServicesBusiness PortalSummary and Q

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence

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1. Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence Strategy Briefing Overview

2. Agenda What is Business Intelligence? Business Intelligence Options in GP 9.0 SmartList Builder Analysis Cubes SQL Reporting Services Business Portal Summary and Q & A

3. What is Business Intelligence Some sample definitions Software that tells a story (TECH FILES-Business Intelligence II: Software that tells a story By Stan Elias) Technologies and Best Practices that help you draw insights from your business and operational data and turn these insights into action (Business Intelligence Within Reach By Microsoft)

4. What is Business Intelligence You need BI when you ask … Who are my top customers by product and profit? Which customer is the most/least profitable? Which product line/service is the most/least profitable? Which projects are over budget? What inventory items should I manufacture the next 12 months?

5. Business Intelligence Options in GP 9.0 Great Plains Reports SmartList/SmartList Builder FRx Reporter Enterprise Reporting Crystal Reports SQL Server Reporting Services Analytical Accounting SQL Server 2005 BI Development Tools

6. Business Intelligence Options in GP 9.0 Inquiries Business Portal Query Pages Business Alerts Business Portal Executive Center SmartTags Analysis Cubes for Excel Business Scorecard Manager 2005 Web Services Other Microsoft and Third-Party products

7. SmartList Builder Adds value to the familiar SmartList Tool Gives end users the same interface they use day to day Requires the SQL Server ‘sa’ user to implement but any user can build new SmartList objects Can require some knowledge of tables and how to join them together Powerful enough to use SQL Server queries to get the exact data desired Can view data not stored in GP

8. SmartList Builder Features it adds to standard SmartList Enables you to display credit transactions as negatives Enables you to create summary SmartList objects Enables you to create your own Go To’s (for new objects)

9. SmartList Builder

10. Analysis Cubes Built on SQL Server 200x Analysis Services (a/k/a OLAP) Pulls data out of the company database into a new database made for summarization and reporting Part of the Business Intelligence Foundation Layer Inexpensive but very powerful

11. Analysis Cubes Uses of Analysis Cubes Excel pivot tables can be created using a cube as a data source. Excel add-in for Analysis Services can be used to build interactive dashboards and reports Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, and other tools can use cubes as data sources Can be the source for Balanced Scorecards

12. Analysis Cubes

13. SQL Reporting Services Integrated in SQL Server 2005 Can report on relational (GP) and OLAP (Analysis Cubes) data Microsoft currently provides eight sample reports for GP Microsoft is rewriting the standard GP reports in SQL Reporting Services reports starting with version 10. Integrates with the GP 9 Home Pages Can be published to SharePoint and viewed with Excel and Word Free

14. SQL Reporting Services

15. Business Portal Web based access to GP data Executive Center provides preconfigured KPIs Analysis Cubes can be used within Business Portal Queries can be run directly from Business Portal Reports from GP can be published to Business Portal Uses Sharepoint Services and can integrate with Sharepoint Server

16. Business Portal

17. Summary and Q & A Summary Business Intelligence can be as simple as a report or as complex as multiple “what if” scenarios Business Intelligence needs to provide accurate and timely information for business decisions Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 has several options for Business Intelligence Q & A

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