Four heavy straws and one weak camel
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Four Heavy Straws and One Weak Camel PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Four Heavy Straws and One Weak Camel. Prelude to the Civil War. Missouri Compromise. The compromise was meant to regulate slavery in the Western States.

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Four Heavy Straws and One Weak Camel

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Four heavy straws and one weak camel

Four Heavy Straws and One Weak Camel

Prelude to the Civil War

Missouri compromise

Missouri Compromise

  • The compromise was meant to regulate slavery in the Western States.

  • It prohibited slavery in the former Louisiana Territory, north of the 36th Parallel except within the boundaries of the proposed state of Missouri

  • To balance the addition of a slave state (Missouri), a new northern free state was added (Maine).

Dred scott

Dred Scott

  • Dred Scott was a slave from Missouri who moved with his owner to Illinois, Wisconsin, and then back to Missouri, where his owner promptly died.

  • Scott filed a lawsuit arguing that since he lived in a free state, he had become a free man.

  • The Supreme Court disagreed.

Dred scott decision

Dred Scott Decision

  • They ruled that:

    • Scott could not file a lawsuit, because he was a slave and slaves can’t be citizens.

    • Slaves are property.

    • Congress does not have the right to outlaw slavery in any territory, therefore the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional.

John brown s raid on harper s ferry

John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry

  • Brown was a radical abolitionists.

  • Led 18 men against a Federal armoury in Virginia, where he hoped that slaves would join him and take part in a revolt, but no slaves arrived.

  • His revolt is brutal supressed by Robert E. Lee.

  • Southerners were outraged by this revolt, many Northerners consider him a martyr.

Abe s ascendancy

Abe’s Ascendancy

  • The Republicans –a new party created by those who wanted to keep slavery out of the Western Territories.

  • The Democratic Party (Predominately Southerners) were split on the issue of slavery, so they chose two candidates for the Presidential Election of 1860)

  • Lincoln wins only the North and wins the elections, many Southerners felt they no longer had a say in the National Government.

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