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Hiroshima. NAGASAKI . JOHN TAYLOR. Made By: Samuel Lee. Aerial view of Hiroshima before bombing. Aerial view of Nagasaki before bombing. Genbaku Dome before the bombing. Keep these photos in mind.

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Made By: Samuel Lee

Aerial view of Hiroshima before bombing

Aerial view of Nagasaki before bombing

Genbaku Dome before the bombing

Keep these photos in mind

Built in 1915, as the Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Hall. It’s been a famous attraction of Hiroshima.



The Streets of Hiroshima and Nagasaki evidently being civilized, and bustling with activity before bomb date.


Dropped on Nagasaki


Dropped on Hiroshima

Boeing B-29 Superfortress "Enola Gay“ and its crew members

Commander A. Francis Birch and physicist Norman Ramsey

Newspaper cut about Nagasaki getting hit after Hiroshima 1945

A newpaper cut about the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945

Mushroom Cloud 1945

Aerial Photograph of Littleboy’s explosion

Aerial photograph of Fatman’sexpolsion

An Arch still standing, on probably once a Shinto Shrine, after bombing

Genbaku Dome after bombing, taken by a Japanese photographer Shiego Hayashi

Hiroshima lays in rubble After bomb hits. Taken a mile away from where the bomb hit.

Nagasaki street are empty, and everything around it completely obliterated.

Over 150,000 people were killed almost instantly and 70,000 of more killed due to severe injuries and radiation poisoning over course of years.

Victims trying to desperately wait for medical treatment from where the bomb hit.

Picture of a child’s life taken away in the aftermath of the nuclear weapon.

65% of causalities were children under the age of 9.

The bombs that were dropped indiscriminately killed anything in its path, including children

A Picture that was taken away from public eyes

Letter to future self
Letter To Future Self from where the bomb hit.

  • Dear John, If you have the chance to read this letter in the distant future, I want you to share this scrapbook with everyone whom is close to you. I want them to know the dangers of Nuclear weapon sand the effects it can have on humanity. Right now I live in a time where nightmares becomes a reality. Where history will write this down in its books. When we are gone, we will be forgotten, but one thing is not forgotten, and that’s the past. Share this precious knowledge with the rest of the world and create a world where living can be comfortable and not in a constant danger.

  • Stay strong, live happy

  • From your past-self John