Quantum tutors for the accounting cycle
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Quantum Tutors for the Accounting Cycle PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quantum Tutors for the Accounting Cycle. Master the Accounting Cycle. Tutoring and homework help for students in principles, financial and managerial accounting Topics include: Transaction Analysis Adjusting Entries Financial Statement Preparation

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Quantum Tutors for the Accounting Cycle

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Quantum Tutors for the Accounting Cycle

Master the Accounting Cycle

  • Tutoring and homework help for students in principles, financial and managerial accounting

  • Topics include:

    • Transaction Analysis

    • Adjusting Entries

    • Financial Statement Preparation

  • Unlimited practice and real-time feedback on similar end-of-chapter textbook problems

Quantum Tutors

It’s Just Like Working with a Real-Life Tutor!

  • Proven to maximize study effectiveness and increase test scores by at least a full letter grade

  • Unlimited practice on end-of-chapter problems just like the ones in the textbook (problems correlated by book, chapter and problem)

  • Detailed step-by-step feedback based on the student’s own work – understand why an answer is right or wrong

  • Immediate answers to student questions when the instructor is not available to help

  • Convenient Internet access – anytime, anywhere

Software Demonstration


Baldwin-Wallace College

  • Managerial Accounting Course

    • Textbook Group:28 Students

    • Tutor Group:30 Students

  • Transaction Analysis Problems from Wild FMA 2

    • Journal Entries and General Ledger

  • Study Design

    • Pre-Test:3 Problems

    • In-Class Assignment:2 Problems

    • Post-Test:3 Problems


Baldwin-Wallace College

The Tutor Group’s gain in accuracy was more than 3.5 times the gain of the Textbook Group


University of Saskatchewan

  • Financial Accounting Course

    • 68 Students – Quantum Tutor then Online Homework

    • 71 Students – Online Homework then Quantum Tutor

  • Transaction Analysis Problems from Phillips FFA

    • Journal Entries and General Ledger

  • Study Design

    • Both groups completed a pre-test, homework assignment and post-test for balance sheet accounts

    • The groups switched and completed a homework assignment and a post-test for balance sheet and income statement accounts


University of Saskatchewan

  • The Quantum Tutor Group’s average test scores improved 1.9 times more than the Online Homework Group

  • When the Quantum Tutor was removed from the first group and given to the second group, the Tutor Group gained 2.6 times more than the Online Homework Group

  • The Quantum Tutor helped students with initially weaker performance to quickly catch up

  • Top performing students scored even higher after using the Quantum Tutor

Field Tested

  • Arapahoe Community College, Sara Harris

  • Baldwin-Wallace College, Linda Chase

  • Bloomsburg University, Jack Rude

  • Coastal Carolina Community College, Ann DeCapite

  • George Mason University, Connie Hylton

  • Green River Community College, Brenda Bindschatel

  • Oakland Community College, Meg Costello

  • University of Houston, Ron Lazer

  • University of Minnesota, David Johnson

  • University of North Florida, Diane Tanner

  • University of Toledo, Diane Marker

  • University of Saskatchewan, Fred Phillips

  • Westchester Community College, Sal Marino

Tutor Usage

Students using the Quantum Tutors attempt to solve a problem 8.4 times more than asking the Tutor to simply “show the answer”

Survey Says…

  • 99.0% of students surveyed ranked the Quantum Tutors as Very Helpful (53.5%) or Helpful (45.5%)

  • 98.0% of students said they would recommend the Quantum Tutors to a friend

  • When asked what they liked best about the Quantum Tutors, students listed:

    • Instant step-by-step feedback on their own work

    • Immediate answers to questions

    • Ability to learn from their mistakes

Student Feedback

  • “I was able to use it to answer all of my questions. I would definitely use it again.”

  • “I found the tutoring program to be very helpful and I really liked how it gave me step-by-step assistance.”

  • “Although the Tutor did not immediately tell me the answer, it went about it in a methodical way to help me find the answer.”

  • “It tells you what you did wrong and why, and what you should have done. Gave me lots of practice!”

Instructor Feedback

  • “These are the same exact questions I get in class.”

  • “I appreciated that with every answer came a reinforcement of the concept that drives the answer.”

  • “I think this Tutor gives students the opportunity to develop more analytic skills. This, in turn, should improve performance because building a strong foundation is absolutely the key to successfully completing the introductory courses.”

  • “The Tutors are so simple and personal. Very appropriately directed answers ̶ simple and to the point.”

Quantum Tutors for the Accounting Cyclewww.mhhe.com/accountingtutors

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