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PC Health: the Doctor is in. Wait! There’s help on the way!. with Carol Edwards-Walcott Tamara Fudge Linnea Hall. Symptoms of PC problems. Your computer seems to be running slow Boot up takes a long time Pages take longer to load Programs take a long time to load

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with Carol Edwards-Walcott Tamara Fudge Linnea Hall

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PC Health:

the Doctor

is in

Wait! There’s help on the way!


Carol Edwards-Walcott

Tamara Fudge

Linnea Hall

Symptoms of PC problems

  • Your computer seems to be running slow

    • Boot up takes a long time

    • Pages take longer to load

    • Programs take a long time to load

  • Your computer is making weird noises

    • Beeps at startup

    • Whirs or clicks from inside the computer case

    • Metallic clattering sound from your disk like a rattle

Symptoms of PC problems

  • Your computer is constantly crashing

    • Programs or commands are not running properly

    • You have Popups

    • messages on your computer stating you have a virus

  • Your computer reboots constantly

    • Your system gets very hot

    • There is a whine or buzzing sound from the power supply

  • You have strange programs asking for network access

  • Your computer does not turn on

Symptoms of PC problems

  • You have a loss of internet connection, or poor internet connection

  • Your browser opens multiple windows

  • You have missing files

    • Games, files, programs are missing

  • Your antivirus is missing, and your firewall is disabled

  • Your computer is speaking a foreign language

  • Your computer is sending out emails without your authorization

Home Remedies


Start > Accessories > System Tools >

Disk Defragmenter

Rearranges fragmented data

Home Remedies

Scheduling tool



Home Remedies

Disk Cleanup

Start > Accessories > System Tools >

Disk Cleanup

Removes temporary files, empties the Recycle Bin, removes other unnecessary items

Home Remedies

Click to clean up

Home Remedies

Cleaning cookies from your browser

Internet Explorer:

Tools > Internet Options > General tab

Note: cookies can actually make it faster to browse at familiar sites.

Home Remedies

Click the Delete button

Note the “Settings” button

Home Remedies

Click the Delete button

Checkmark what you wish to delete

Home Remedies

The Settings button takes you to this window to control temporary files and history

Home Remedies


To clear:

Tools > Clear Recent History

To create settings:

Tools > Options > Privacy, Security

Home Remedies

Click to clear the items you have checkmarked

Home Remedies

Cutting calories from the Start-up list

Start > type msconfig and press the enter key > startup tab

Controls which programs start up when you turn on your computer

Home Remedies

Uncheck any program you really don’t need upon start up; click “Apply” then “OK.”

Home Remedies

When you need to resuscitate:

System Restore

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

Restores settings to a previous time. Does not affect your documents, photos, or other personal data. This is reversible!

Home Remedies

Follow instructions in the restore wizard (it is easy!

Home Remedies

Preventive medicine:

create a Restore Point

Start > type create a restore pointand press the enter key

Over-the-counter Remedies

  • Malwarebytes/Adaware

  • CCleaner

  • Avast/AVG/SpyBot

  • Defraggler

  • Sandboxie

  • Zone Alarm

Over-the-counter Remedies

  • Malware

    • Can include all unwanted software

    • Generally refers to spyware and adware

      • Spyware collects information about the user

      • Adware installs advertising software that can create pop-ups to occur without warning

      • Keyloggers, while usually in the form of viruses, can install themselves as spyware or adware

Over-the-counter Remedies

  • CCLeaner

    • Registry cleaner

      • Registry stores information about changes to your computer

      • All changes are saved

      • Takes up essential space on your computer

      • Additional useless information stored such as broken links, uninstalled software, incomplete installations, etc.

    • Registry cleaner deletes needless entries

Over-the-counter Remedies

  • Avast/AVG/SpyBot

    • Antivirus software

      • Hundreds of new viruses discovered every month

      • Antivirus mandatory for today’s computer users

      • Automatic updates will keep software current

    • Spybot works in conjunction with anti-spyware programs

Over-the-counter Remedies

  • Defraggler

    • Defragments files

      • Hard drive

      • External drives including USB

      • Schedule to run at a specific time

      • Can exclude specific files

Over-the-counter Remedies

  • Sandboxie

    • Isolated operating environment

    • Runs untested programs

    • Keeps programs from damaging computer

    • Uses

      • Installing new software

      • Others using your computer

      • Browsing the Internet

Over-the-counter Remedies

  • Zone Alarm

    • Firewall

    • Stronger than Windows Firewall

    • WiFi security

    • Antiphishing

    • Outbound protection

    • Learns user behavior

Prescriptions ($)

  • Norton

  • McAfee

  • Kaspersky

  • Trend Micro

  • AVG

Prescriptions ($)

  • Microsoft Essentials!

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