Nursing process the systematic evaluation plan
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Nursing Process & the Systematic Evaluation Plan PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nursing Process & the Systematic Evaluation Plan. by Sue Field DNP, RN, CNE And Diane Gold APRN. Comparison. What is the Nursing Process?. What is a Systematic Evaluation Plan?. Organized Systematic way To meet the ACEN Criteria for Accreditation. Organized Systematic way

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Nursing Process & the Systematic Evaluation Plan

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Nursing Process &the Systematic Evaluation Plan

by Sue Field DNP, RN, CNE

And Diane Gold APRN


What is the Nursing Process?

What is a Systematic Evaluation Plan?


Systematic way

To meet the ACEN Criteria for Accreditation

  • Organized

  • Systematic way

  • To meet the needs of patients

What is the Definition of Systematic Plan for Evaluation (SEP)?

  • Definition (ACEN glossary)

    • A written document emphasizing the ongoing, comprehensive assessment of the

      • student learning outcomes,

      • program outcomes,

      • role-specific graduate competencies,

      • and the ACEN Standards.


  • Student learning outcomes

    • (Professionalism, Communication, Safety, etc.)

  • Program outcomes

    • (NCLEX pass rates, completion rates, job placement, etc.)

  • Role-specific graduate competencies

    • (clinical evaluation tools are developed with these)

  • and the ACEN Standards

    • (6 standards + criteria)


  • SLO = Student Learning Outcomes

  • PO = Program Outcomes

  • ELA = Estimated Level of Achievement

  • SEP = Systematic Plan for Evaluation

Systematic Plan for Evaluation

Implementation =

Identifying Congruency


Data ELA Met or not Met

Data Analysis


(As Evidenced By)

College Catalog

PN handbook

PN brochure

MnSCU website


Assessment = Standard I


Plan of Action

Diagnosis: Criteria 1.1









Systematic Plan for Evaluation

Is a systematic problem solving approach

  • Assessment: ACEN Standards

  • Diagnosis: ACEN Criteria

  • Planning: Estimated Level of Achievement

  • Implementation: Implementation

  • Evaluation: Was your goal met?

Example of the Nursing Process within the SEP Plan


  • 2a. The ______nursing program (subject) will have (verb) NCLEX 3 year pass rates at or above the national average for the same 3 year period (conditions).

  • Time Period:

  • As evidenced by:

  • Data Collection: ELA Met or not met

  • Action Plan:

Documenting the ELA in your staff meeting minutes

What is the purpose?

  • Provides a written record for evidence to ACEN

  • How is this best accomplished?

1st Suggestion

  • Wait until your accreditation is near

  • Spend hours and hours going through staff meeting minutes and documents to complete the SEP prior to the visit.

  • Pros?

  • Cons?

2nd Suggestion

  • Have 1 person at the end of the semester go back to all the staff meeting minutes and update the SEP

  • Pros?

  • Cons?

3rd Suggestion

  • Have one person with the SEP open and documenting directly into the SEP

  • Have a 2nd person take the minutes for the staff meeting

4th Suggestion

  • Staff meetings:

    • One person takes the minutes

      • And documents the info needed for the SEP

      • See example

      • Then cut and paste directly into SEP

      • Pros? Cons?

Other ideas? Questions?

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