Lower limb
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LOWER LIMB . Arterial supply and venous drainage . Abdominal Aorta . Inferior vena cava. C ommon iliac artery . External Iliac artery . Each Common iliac arteries ends anterior to the Sacroiliac joint by dividing into: 1- External Iliac . 2- Internal Iliac .

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Lower limb


Arterial supply andvenous drainage

Lower limb

Abdominal Aorta

Inferior vena cava

Common iliac artery

External Iliac artery

Lower limb

Each Common iliac arteries ends anterior to the Sacroiliac joint by dividing into:

1- External Iliac .

2- Internal Iliac .

External Iliac artery

Inguinal Ligament

Femoral Vein and Artery

Femoral artery enters the thigh from behind the inguinal ligament, as a continuation of the external iliac artery.

Lower limb

Sartorius muscle

Adductor longus muscle

Lower limb

Internal Iliac Artery also supply the lower limb by it’s 3 branches :

Superior Gluteal artery

Periformis muscle

Inferior Gluteal artery

Obturator artery

Lower limb

Popliteal branches : Artery continuation of femoral artery as it passes through opening in adductor magnus muscle .


Inferior Lateral

genicular artery

Inferior medial genicular artery

Popliteus Muscle

Popliteal Artery

Lower limb

  • Popliteal branches : artery Terminates by dividing into anterior & posterior tibial arteries .

Anterior Tibial Artery

Posterior Tibial artery

Lower limb

The anterior branches : Tibial artery through an opening in the interosseous membrane it passes forward into the anterior compartment of the leg ,In front of the ankle joint, the artery becomes the dorsalispedis artery.

Anterior Tibial Artery


Lower limb

This power point is my own project so you cannot depend on it as a basic source for the OSPE , even the pictures were not taken from our college models . Don’t forget to check on the foot notes . Good luck all .


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