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Computer networks
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Computer Networks. Marwan Al- Namari Week 4. 7 Layers. OSI Layer Communication. Application. Application. Presentation. Presentation. Physical Path. Session. Session. Logical Path. Transport. Transport. Network. Network. Data Link. Physical. Data Link. Physical Medium.

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Computer Networks

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Computer networks

Computer Networks

Marwan Al-Namari

Week 4

7 layers

7 Layers

Osi layer communication

OSI Layer Communication

Osi 7 layer model logical view





Physical Path



Logical Path





Data Link


Data Link

Physical Medium


OSI 7-Layer Model logical view

The interaction between layers in the osi model

The interaction between layers in the OSI model



Each layer add its own header (and maybe trailer ) to the portion of the packet and pass it to the next layer without knowing which part is data and header( and maybe trailer ).it treat it as one integral unit.

The concept is called encapsulation.

In the way back each layer will take-off the header ( and maybe trailer ) from the incoming packet and pass it to the next layer .

The concept is called decapsulation.

Packet components

Packet Components

The complete packet

The Complete Packet

Cyclical Redundancy Check

Packet creation process

Packet Creation Process

Osi vs tcp ip model

OSI vs. TCP/IP Model

Tcp ip standards

TCP/IP standards

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the body that defines standard internet operating protocols

These standards are specified in documents called RFCs ( Requests for comments)

e.g. RFC 821 is about SMTP ( e-mail) protocols

Tcp ip


TCP/IP : Transmission Control Protocol /Internet Protocol.

It is a suite of protocols providing communications in a heterogeneous environment.

It is used for interoperability among many different types of computers.

Almost all networks support TCP/IP.

Support routing.

Used as internetworking protocol.

Other protocols in the suite

Other Protocols in the Suite

These protocols were written specifically for TCP/IP:

SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) : Email

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) : For exchanging files .

SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol) :Network Management.

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