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North America Corporate and Convergence Briefing. Architects of an Internet World AGENDA. Corporate Overview. North America Presence. Convergence Definition. Open Communications Suite. Open Network Foundation. Corporate Overview. We are strong….

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Presentation Transcript

North America

Corporate and Convergence


Architects of an Internet World


Corporate Overview

North America Presence

Convergence Definition

Open Communications Suite

Open Network Foundation

We are strong
We are strong…

  • $29billion global revenue

  • $6.5 billionrevenue in North America

  • $42 billion in assets - $2.8 billion in research and development

  • Top 10 Global Stock (Fortune magazine)

  • 130,000+ people in 130+ countries

  • Worldwide service and integration capability

We are balanced
We are balanced…

$29 billion



Architects of an Internet World

We are proven


Enterprise - Fortune 500

250+ Global 500 Customers

150+ Fortune 500 Customers

Enterprise - Global 500

Service Providers & ISPs

We are proven…

  • Washington Post


  • Lockheed Martin

  • Motorola

  • 3M Corp

  • Unisys

  • IBM

  • The Pentagon

  • U.S. Navy and Air Force

  • NATO

  • Dept. of Energy

  • Dept. of Transportation

  • National Security Agency

  • Dept. of Veteran Affairs

  • AT&T

  • SBC

  • Verizon

  • America Online


  • MCI/WorldCom

  • Qwest

  • Time Warner

  • ABN-AMRO - Banking

  • Nestle - Food

  • Axa - Insurance

  • Total Fina Elf - Oil / Chemical

  • Allianz - Insurance

  • Daimler-Chrysler - Automotive

  • BASF - Chemical

  • Volkswagon/Audi - Automotive

May 2001

"Of all the manufacturers, Alcatel is in the best position to ride out this tough market. Alcatel is in the right places with the right products…"

Susan Kalla, analyst,

Friedman Billings Ramsey & Co.

We are here
We are here…

  • $17 billion in acquisitions and $5 billion in R&D since 1998

  • 15,000+ hi-tech force, 20 engineering sites, 80 sales offices

  • Two of three Alcatel strategic business groups are HQ’ed in North America (Optics and Carrier)

  • Two of the four divisions of the e-Business Group are HQ’ed in the US


HQ Carrier


Kanata, Ontario

Salem, NH

Minneapolis, MN

Spokane, WA

Lancaster, PA

West Coast

HQ e-Business




Chantilly, VA

Petaluma, CA


HQ Fiber and Copper


San Francisco, CA

Dallas, TX

Calabasas, CA





We are growing


Alcatel has captured 14%

of the North America










We are growing…

Our goal: $10 billion business in the top tier

$ B








*Can be verified at:

What is convergence
What is convergence…

allow companies to architect networks that reflect and meet their business needs…

Yesterday’s communication networks…

forced companies to adapt their business operations to the limitations of the network…

Today’s converged networks…


removes the limitations!

Our vanguard product

The product networks a company’s voice and data system, allowing the voice system access to the same power available to the data system.”

Cathleen Moore - reporting on our OmniPCX ComNet 2000, Jan 2000

OmniPCX 4400 is the most

awarded convergence

communications system

in the world

Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 Wins Best of Show Honors at Internet Telephony Expo 2000 in San Diego - October 27

“ The emphasis was placed on a product's feature set, its ability to work with existing

standards and the degree to which it contributes to the development of future Internet

telephony products and services. ”

OmniPCX 4400 has been named Product of the Year

“The award-winning OmniPCX 4400 has been recognized in the LAN Telephony category to be a best of breed communication server of tomorrow, available today.”

Our vanguard product …

OmniPCX 4400

“Alcatel’s new end-to-end solution for LAN networking and IP telephony…My conclusion: All IP telephony installations should work as well as these.”

Joel Conover reporting on June 26, 2000

OmniPCX 4400 receives “NetWORKS as Advertised” award

at COMNET 2001. Delivered 100% of PBX features for Miercom tests.

“This product is a ‘recommend buy’ by Miercom Labs.”

Rob Smithers, President of Miercom

Convergence removes the

limitations – it enables broad access, user convenience,

greater productivity, and

reduced cost.

Communications - anywhere - anytime - anyplace

using one number and one mailbox

Open Communications


Architects of an Internet World


OmniPCX 4400 Value Proposition

OmniPCX 4400 Architecture






Why select Alcatel for IP Telephony…

Omnipcx 4400 value proposition




OmniPCX 4400 Value Proposition

  • Investment protection

  • User convenience

  • Greater productivity

  • Reduced cost

  • Proven reliability

  • Highly scalable

Removes the limitations…

Omnipcx 4400 key architecture points

Call server

Telephony 500+

MobilityVirtual OmniPCX


Auto Attendant


Contact CenterVertical sectors

Packet Switched

Access Client

Circuit Switched

Access Client



OmniPCX 4400 Key Architecture Points

  • Converged IP and TDM

  • Multi-line/site capability

  • Flexible choice of media

  • Intelligent navigation

  • Embedded contact center

  • Centralized management

IP telephony without compromise…


  • The OmniPCX 4400 offers a complete line of telephones designed to make your communications more efficient.

  • Key features

    • Integrated qwerty keyboard on phone

    • User and remote programmable feature keys (8,12, and 24)

    • Interactive LCD display

    • Analog, digital, wireless, IP, and soft phones

OmniDesktop = Intelligent navigation…


  • The OmniPCX 4400 offers a complete line of messaging solutions providing the customer freedom of choice, including full integration with legacy systems (OCTEL / ActiveVoice).

  • Key features

    • One mailbox messaging (voice, FAX, and e-mail)

    • Text-to-speech

    • Common look andfeel command structure

OmniMessage = One mailbox…


  • The OmniPCX 4400 offers a complete solution for unlimited access to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime on any phone by dialing a single number (if desired), resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Key features

    • Intelligent forwarding

    • One number access

    • Full feature mobility

    • Selective filtering

OmniMobility = One number…


  • The OmniPCX 4400 offers an embedded and scalable contact center software package derived from the leading provider of call center software.

  • Key features

    • Embedded CCD and IVR

    • Customized call center reporting

    • Patented multimedia distribution

    • Distributed agent architecture

    • Web-enabled contact center

OmniTouch = Embedded call center…


  • The OmniPCX 4400 offers a networked graphical interface solution to execute policy-based centralized management and administration, resulting in ease-of-use and increased productivity.

  • Key features

    • Point and click administration

    • Ability to visualize the user profile

    • Ability to visualize the telephony system

    • Policy-based adds, moves, and changes

OmniVista = One management…

Why select alcatel for telephony
Why select Alcatel for telephony?

  • Distributed architecture

  • Open Crystal Architecture

  • Universal networking

  • Media independence

  • Total mobility

  • Embedded contact center

  • Total messaging

  • Management suite

  • Reflexes™ phones

  • Worldwide service

Convergence = Removes the limitations…

Distributed architecture
Distributed architecture

  • The OmniPCX 4400 distributed architecture facilitates shared intelligence across the entire communication enterprise, allowing for flexibility in the deployment of functions such as attendant, messaging, contact center, PTSN, management, etc.

  • Benefit

    • Enables dynamic distribution and ease of deployment of applications and services throughout the entire network – resulting in substantial cost savings, increased productivity, and ease of use.

Distributed architecture = Shared intelligence…

Open crystal architecture
Open Crystal Architecture

  • The OmniPCX 4400 is designed with a non-proprietary, real time UNIX OS that operates over a fully meshed, fault tolerant, non-blocking crystal design.

  • Benefit

    • Ability to design and providereliability with an open architecture assuring all communication requests can be met and serviced with mission critical fault tolerance.

Crystal = Openness and reliability…

Universal networking
Universal networking

  • The OmniPCX 4400 is designed to offer universal choice for the native transport of voice over IP, PSTN, ISDN, frame relay, and ATM without compromise…

  • Benefit

    • Ability to design and deploy the connection of your choice without compromising performance, quality, or features while leveraging your existing infrastructure.

Universal networking = Flexibility…

Media independence
Media independence

  • The OmniPCX 4400 provides a powerful and flexible array of end-user communication devices supporting analog, digital, IP, IP plugware, wireless, and PC soft-phones.

  • Benefit

    • Ability to gradually and intelligentlymigrate to new technologies at yourconvenience and under your control.

Media independence = Investment protection…

Total mobility
Total mobility

  • The OmniPCX 4400 total mobility solution can remove the limitations of remote communication by enabling one number connectivity – at your office, at your home, or anywhere in between.

  • Benefit

    • For the first time, you can be permanently linked to your personal number and desktop features when you leave your office – simply and inexpensively.

Total Mobility = Bring your office with you…

Embedded contact center
Embedded contact center

  • The OmniPCX 4400 embedded contact center solution is comprehensive, award winning, easily customized, and activated on demand.

  • Benefit

    • Ability to activate an embeddedapplication in your telephony system to gainthe efficiency and productivity of a sophisticated contact center in response to your business needs.

Embedded = No hassle and rapid deployment…

Total messaging
Total Messaging

  • The OmniPCX 4400 Total Messaging leverages our distributed architecture to change the way you communicate today by consolidating multiple messaging systems in one mailbox.

  • Benefit

    • Improved productivity through blended media and reduced total cost of ownership as a result of its simplified and flexible design.

Total Messaging = Reduced Cost…

Management suite
Management suite

  • The OmniPCX 4400’s web-based management platform provides real-time management and visualization of the entire telephony enterprise (hardware, applications, and telephones) in a converged IP and TDM network.

  • Benefit

    • Replace traditional CLI and dial-upadministration with the ability to synchronize databases, visualize telephones, and administer user profiles, resulting in system wide consistency and uniformity.

Management suite = Improved control…

Reflexes phones
Reflexes phones

  • The OmniPCX 4400 Reflexes™ bring the intelligence of a computer to your desktop telephone – via an integrated keyboard, specialized navigation tools, enhanced LCD display, and optional plugware.

  • Benefit

    • The qwerty keyboard, softkeys,and dynamic navigation allowintuitive application access.

Reflexes phones = Convenience…

Worldwide service built for you
Worldwide service - built for you

  • Program management

    • Dedicated program manager on large & strategic projects

    • Focus on integration or upgrades to existing or new infrastructures

    • Worldwide program management ability in 140+ countries

  • Direct access to Converged Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

    • Direct access to a live support engineer

    • We average 10 seconds to get an engineer on the line

    • 85 trained Alcatel certified engineers

  • Worldwide support

    • 4 technical support centers running 7/24/365

    • 24 hour Web access to knowledge database

    • 24 hour end user Web escalation access

    • Several hundred stocking centers around the globe

    • Managed strategic spares and advanced replacement

    • Optimize your return on service expenditures

    • Ensure maximum network infrastructure availability

2nd half 2000*

Convergence removes the

limitations – it enables broad access, user convenience,

greater productivity, and

reduced cost.

Communications - anywhere - anytime - anyplace

using one number and one mailbox

Open Network


Architects of an Internet World


Convergence Data Value Proposition

Convergence Data Architecture





Alcatel Secure VPN Solution

Why select Alcatel for Convergence Data…

Convergence data value proposition
Convergence data value proposition

  • Availability

  • Interoperability

  • Performance

  • Manageability

  • Security

  • Mobility

Hosted Servers

Applications Servers

Real time






Open Network




Non trusted





Convergence ready…

Convergence data architecture
Convergence data architecture



Branch OmniPCX









IP phone







Branch office






Private IP


Omni Switch/Router







IP voice





Network & service



VPN, FW mgmt.



IP Control








Convergence proven…


  • The OmniCore is designed to meet the demands of high-performance, high-availability enterprise networks with services designed to fully support today’s mission critical applications.

  • Key features

    • Carrier class design and reliability

    • Wire-speed everything

    • Patented PASM (parallel access shared memory)

    • Quality of service (QoS)

      • TOS, DiffServ, WFQ, PBQ, L2-L3 mapping, 8 hardware queues, 7 layer classifying, etc.

OmniCore = Critical application support…


  • The OmniSwitch solution offers a complete multi-protocol, any-to-any solution. Its support for LAN, WAN, and ATM protocols, plus a complete line of network services, makes it the most powerful single switch solution available today.

  • Key features

    • Layer 2 / layer 3 switching

    • Complete user mobility

    • Complete security

    • Integrated IP management

    • Any-to-any multi-protocol solution

OmniSwitch = Any-to-any…


  • The OmniStack product line offers the most complete set of products designed to offer high performance convergence-ready switches along with highly intelligent network services

  • Key features

    • Wire-speed connectivity for 10/100/1000

    • High density and expandable design

    • Intelligent network services, including QoS

    • Convergence-ready

OmniStack = Speed and intelligence…


  • The OmniAccess 512 offers the first combined WAN, LAN, and voice switching platform with fully integrated, intelligent network services.

  • Key features

    • Ability to truly fill the WAN connection

    • Complete WAN services

    • Complete LAN switching

    • Intelligent network services

    • VoIP support for analog, digital and IP voice

    • Network resiliency for data and voice

OmniAccess = Brings the remote site in…

Alcatel Secure VPN

  • The Alcatel Secure VPN Solution offers secure connections between sites anytime and from anywhere. The complete hardware based integrated solution supports all standard encryption.

  • Key features

    • FIPS 140 certified - Level 2

    • Integrated PKI and X.500 database

    • Hardware gateways, software clients, turn key management

    • Proven encrypted voice capability

    • Bridge emulation mode (BEM)

Alcatel Secure VPN = Built for security…

Why select alcatel for convergence data
Why select Alcatel for convergence data?

  • Converged network

  • Converged branch

  • Quality of service

  • Group mobility

  • Authenticated VLANs

  • Security services

  • Address management

  • Directory management

  • Multicast applications

  • Worldwide service

Convergence = Removes the limitations…

Converged network application
Converged network application

  • The converged network application offers a complete suite of feature rich voice and data products that can effectively co-exist on a single network and benefit from the same services.

  • Benefit

    • Cost efficient and highly flexible solution that has been independently certified (Tolly) to meet the demanding requirements of business communications in the enterprise.

Converged network = Cost efficient…

Converged branch application
Converged branch application

  • The converged branch application allows to combine your voice, data, and fax communication needs in a single platform.

  • Benefit

    • Productivity and cost savings are realized by the use of a single high-performance platform that supports all network services through centralized management.

Converged branch = Powerful access…

Quality of service application
Quality of service application

  • The quality of service application suite offers the ability to guarantee end-to-end service levels across all platforms, protocols, and OSI layers.

  • Benefit

    • Mission critical applications can be assigned minimum services level guarantees across the entire enterprise.

QoS = Guaranteed access to power…

Group mobility application
Group mobility application

  • The group mobility application offers managers the capability to control traffic on the network based on address, protocol, application, user authentication, and almost any other parameter.

  • Benefit

    • Group mobility removes the limitations and allows the network manager total control in deciding what parameter to base VLAN definition on.

Group mobility = Flexibility and control…

Authenticated vlan application
Authenticated VLAN application

  • The authenticated VLAN (AVLAN) application offers the ability to control access to the network based on user profiles, and is not limited to just hardware, protocols or addresses.

  • Benefit

    • Managers areno longer required to choose between security and mobility. Users get access to their appropriate services throughout the enterprise.

AVLANs = Secure mobility…

Enterprise security applications
Enterprise security applications

  • The enterprise security application offers firewalls to control external access to the enterprise - VPNs to secure traffic across the enterprise – AVLANs to control access within the enterprise - ACLs to optimize wire-speed secure interVLAN traffic.

  • Benefit

    • Total security with the flexibility to implement it where you want it, when you want it, and for whom you want.

Security services = Business protection…

Address management application
Address management application

  • The address management application offers the ability to control and manage IP address information from a single source, yet allow multiple network switches to act as points of distribution.

  • Benefit

    • Single points of failure and backbone congestion are eliminated by allowing switches to assign addresses to their local clients.

Address management = IP resiliency…

Directory management application
Directory management application

  • The directory management application offers switches the ability to use a local LDAP client to retrieve configuration specific information from any networked resource.

  • Benefit

    • Network efficiency and availability is improved by allowing any switch to automatically request configuration as required. Changes a static network design to a dynamic one that can adjust to network conditions (e.g., QoS).

Directory management = Dynamic configs….

Multicast application
Multicast application

  • The multicast application offers the best and most efficient way to optimize multimedia communication across the enterprise, guaranteeing delivery to those requesting it while not burdening those who don’t.

  • Benefit

    • Productivity is enhanced, and expenses are avoided by using advanced services to control traffic levels instead of just adding more boxes.

Multicast = Targeted delivery…

Worldwide service built for you1
Worldwide service - built for you

  • Program management

    • Dedicated program manager on large & strategic projects

    • Focus on integration or upgrades to existing or new infrastructures

    • Worldwide program management ability in 140+ countries

  • Direct access to Converged Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

    • Direct access to a live support engineer

    • We average 10 seconds to get an engineer on the line

    • 85 trained Alcatel certified engineers

  • Worldwide support

    • 4 technical support centers running 7/24/365

    • 24 hour web access to knowledge database

    • 24 hour end user web escalation access

    • Several hundred stocking centers around the globe

    • Managed strategic spares and advanced replacement

    • Optimize your return on service expenditures

    • Ensure maximum network infrastructure availability

2nd half 2000*

Convergence removes the

limitations – it enables broad access, user convenience,

greater productivity, and

reduced cost.

Communications - anywhere - anytime - anyplace

using one number and one mailbox