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Blake Kirtley Evan Chance. SPAIN. 1600’s. Government & Religious Influences. Began as a monarchy. Government. Largest empire in the world. Larger than any before it. Golden Age. Charles V – Leader of the Spanish Empire. Most powerful man in Europe. Economy.

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Began as a monarchy.


Largest empire in the world. Larger than any before it.

golden age
Golden Age

Charles V – Leader of the Spanish Empire.Most powerful man in Europe.


Spain conquered Mexico and claimed $1,500,000,000,000 worth of gold and silver. This inflated their economy and slowed their industry.

wars explorations crusades
Wars, Explorations, & Crusades

Spain, Sweden, and Denmark all wanted to control the Netherlands. France intervened, causing the Thirty Year’s War.

black death
Black Death

Yersinia pestis, the bacteria believed to have caused the black death, the cause of loss of 1,000,000+ Spainiards.

anglo spanish war
Anglo-Spanish War

War between Spain and England caused over commercial rivalry over imports such as sugar.

dutch revolt
Dutch Revolt

The Dutch revolting against the Spanish conquest was a factor in starting the Thirty Year’s War. They resented being converted to the Spanish Protestants.


Las Meninas oil on canvas. Art movement during the Baroque period that suggests that life and art are an illusion.

ecce homo
Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo is a translation in visual form of John 19:5, where Jesus is given a crown of thorns prior to his crucifixion. Several artists have interpreted this scene during Spain’s golden age.

alonzo cano
Alonzo Cano

Alonzo Cano was a painter, sculptor, and architect born in 1601.This is his painting, ideal portrait of a Spanish king.

tomas luis de victoria

Most famous 16th century Spanish composer, one of the most important component of the Catholic Reformation, a movement to reform the church.

Tomas Luis de Victoria