Top Five Most Dangerous
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Top Five Most Dangerous C omputer V iruses PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top Five Most Dangerous C omputer V iruses. By: Nolan Wurm 11-18-12 4A. #1 Beast Trojan Horse.

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Top Five Most Dangerous C omputer V iruses

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Top five most dangerous c omputer v iruses

Top Five Most Dangerous Computer Viruses

By: Nolan Wurm



Top five most dangerous c omputer v iruses

#1 Beast Trojan Horse

This virus can become the controller or your computer when activated and access any file on your computer and it can upload, download, or delete anything on your computer. It also has control over any power option and any password that you have ever typed in. It can also hack into your webcam and also can take a screenshot at any time.

This virus was found in 2002.

Top five most dangerous c omputer v iruses

#2 SQL Slammer

This particular virus is file-less worm that isn't saved as a regular file. It saves itself in the WINDOWS folder and saves itself as a normal windows file. In the first ten minutes it affected the 359,000 hosts around the world.It caused about$950,000 and $1.2 billion in productivity lost in its first five days through out the world.

This virus was found on the 27th of January in 2003.

Top five most dangerous c omputer v iruses

#3 MyDoom

This is a virus that spreads via email. This virus is a worm that holds the world record for the fastest spreading mass mailer worm. It is an email that has a attachment that apparently contains the message for the email. The virus is in the attachment and when people try to open the attachment they find nothing and move on. Once this attachment is opened it goes into the hosts computer and starts messing things up. Also once this is in your computer it copies itself and sends itself to everyone in the hosts address book.

This worm was first discovered on January 24th 2004.

Top five most dangerous c omputer v iruses

#4 Bandook Rat

This virus resembles the Beast Trojan Horse but is also a little different. The RAT is short for Remote Administration Tool. It is named this because it can access files remotely just like the first virus but this one effects almost any Windows computer ever made. That means that it is being altered for Windows 7 & 8.

This virus was found in the year of 2005.

Top five most dangerous c omputer v iruses

#5 Blackworm

This is also a virus that is spread via email. This virus is special because it uses an external engine that runs the virus after the email is opened. It sends itself by email but alters itself every time that it is sent. It come with different subjects, body text or attachment names. After it saves itself to the hard drive of the computer it corrupts the computer on the third of every month. The really bad part about this virus is that it can uninstall your anti-virus unless it is installed in a certain place in your computer. This means that when you restart your computer it wont work right and your computer wont be protected.

This worm was found on January 20th 2006.

Top five most dangerous c omputer v iruses





Top five most dangerous c omputer v iruses


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