Rewrite these titles correctly
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Rewrite these titles correctly. the old man and the sea harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone around the world in eighty days cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Circle the words in each sentence that should be capitalized. did kathy keep her kangaroo, katy, in kalamazoo?

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Rewrite these titles correctly

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Rewrite these titles correctly

the old man and the sea

harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone

around the world in eighty days

cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Circle the words in each sentence that should be capitalized

  • did kathy keep her kangaroo, katy, in kalamazoo?

  • polly put her pink parrot, penelope, on her purple porch.

  • did deon dent devan’s dodge?

  • devan drove his dented dodge to denver.

  • sandy saw sam in seattle on saturday.

Write three proper nouns for each category

  • planets_____________________

  • oceans_____________________

  • holidays____________________

  • streets______________________

  • islands_____________________

Circle “T” for true or “F” for false

  • T F Always capitalize important words in movie titles.

  • T F Always capitalize the words Doctor and Captain

  • T F Never capitalize the words professor and mayor

  • T F Capitalize every word in all book titles

  • T F Always capitalize the first word of a sentence

Circle the words in each sentence that should be capitalized

  • velma vacuumed the van for vern

  • did yolanda yodel yesterday?

  • on tuesday tom traveled by train to timbuktu

  • barry brought bonnie boston baked beans

Write a declarative sentence using at least four capitalized words________________________________________________

Write a question using at least three capitalized words __________________________________________________

Write an example of each item. Use correct capitalization.

  • the name of a song_______________

  • the name of a TV show___________

  • the name of a movie_____________

  • the name of a book______________

Circle the words that should be capitalized

  • carrie called her canary casper.

  • ralph and rhonda retired in richmond.

  • aaron ate apples in atlanta in april.

  • the west wind whistled through wichita on wednesday.

  • laura lives on lemon lane.

Write the acronyms for these phrases

  • as soon as possible

  • bacon, lettuce, and tomato

  • cash on delivery

  • Central Intelligence Agency

  • Central Standard Time

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

Write three proper nouns for each category

  • states_________________________

  • countries_______________________

  • monuments_____________________

  • presidents______________________

  • rivers__________________________

Write the correct choice of the words in parenthesis

  • My family is from (st. clair county, St. Clair County).

  • That is located in (central, Central) Alabama.

  • When I was five, we moved to the (midwest, Midwest).

  • We have a house on the beach of (lake, Lake) Michigan.

In the following sentences, write the words that shouldbe capitalized.

  • the country of papua new guinea lies just north of australia.

  • its capital city is port moresby.

  • scientists believe that the aborigines came from new guinea.

  • people first came to new guinea over ten thousand years ago from asia through indonesia.

Write the correct form in parentheses

  • My friend, (Dr., dr.) Thomas, likes to ride the train.

  • Do you think the (doctor, Doctor) will see us soon?

  • I saw (uncle, Uncle) David last night.

  • Maria wrote an essay on (President, president) Kennedy.

  • My father’s full name is Richard Davis, (sr., Sr.).

Circle lowercase letters that should be capitalized.

  • Kevin and uncle Frank went to the movies last night.

  • The book was written by dr. henri l. engles, jr.

  • My adviser, mr. juntis, is the person i most admire.

  • will you be traveling with captain james t. kirk?

  • the phone book listed her as Janet cook, ph.d.

Correct the capitalization mistakes in the following quotes.

  • “if i can learn all the lines,” he said, “Ms. Rogers will let me be peter pan.”

  • “i will help you learn your lines,” I said, “if you’ll help me with mine.”

  • he handed me a copy of the play and said, “which part do you want to try out for?”

  • “well,” i answered, “if you are going to be Peter, I guess i’ll be hook.”

Underline the proper nouns.

  • Coins were made about 700 B.C. in asia minor.

  • The people of greece portrayed rulers on their coins.

  • The romans used images of their emperors.

  • Some coins were made on the banks of the nile river.

  • Our country’s first coins were cast in philadelphia.

Rewrite the paragraph correcting the mistakes.

After the american revolution, our government needed to create its own money. The united states printed paper money and minted coins. Our early coins had the figure of liberty on one side. in 1909, abraham lincoln was pictured on a coin. collectors of old coins may join the american numismatic association. Its main office is located in colorado springs, Colorado.

Write common noun or proper noun to describe each underlined noun.

  • The people of America wanted their independence._____________

  • Colonists formed the Continental Army. ___________________________

  • They first fought the British in Massachusetts. ________________

  • The “shot heard ‘round the world” was fired at Concord. ________________

  • The Revolutionary War lasted eight years. ________________

Find the proper nouns in the sentences. Underline the words which should be capitalized.

  • The site is in chester county, pennsylvania.

  • The leader of the army was george washington.

  • The americans did not have enough food and warm clothing.

  • By the month of march many of the men had died.

  • You can visit national memorial arch and washington memorial chapel.

books are being stolen from the library every saturday stated the librarian.

detective smith wrote the information on his pad and started to question more people.

after asking all the right questions i still dont know who the bandit is declared the detective.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Suspect 3

Rewrite each sentence using correct capitalization and punctuation.

4. suddenly he spotted a book that looked out of place

5. right next to the book was a clue hed been looking for

6. it was a poem titled im the book bandit

7. the detective used the clues and now he knows who the bandit is

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Suspect 3

When you look left,

I go right.

You search hard,

but I stay out of sight.

Here’s one last clue

for you to think about:

you get around on two,

but I need three, without a doubt.

The book bandit is suspect ______.

Read the poem. Use its clues to tell who the bandit is.

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