To kill a mockingbird jeopardy review
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To Kill a Mockingbird Jeopardy Review PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To Kill a Mockingbird Jeopardy Review. True or False. Which One Is It?. Which One Is It Again?. Who Said It?. True or False?. 100. 200. 300. 400. Who Said It?. 100. 200. 300. 400. Which One Is It?. 100. 200. 300. 400. Which One Is It Again?. 100. 200. 300. 400.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Jeopardy Review

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To Kill a MockingbirdJeopardy Review

True or False

Which One Is It?

Which One Is It Again?

Who Said It?

True or False?





Who Said It?





Which One Is It?





Which One Is It Again?





True or False for 100



Jem destroys Mrs. Dubose’s flowers because of the derogatory remarks she makes about Atticus.

True or False for 200



Boo Radley’s character advances the plot by providing an opportunity for Jem and Scout to learn compassion for those who are different.

True or False for 300



Mr. Dolphus Raymond, a white man, chooses to associate with the black citizens of Maycomb. This is because he is drunk, and they are the only ones who will accept him.

True or False for 400



The black citizens of Maycomb show Mr. Finch their appreciation by taking up a church collection and bringing money to Calpurnia.

Who Said It for 100

Is that your final answer?

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.”

Who Said It for 200

Is that your final answer?

“”My paw’s never touched a hair o’ my head in my life. He never touched me.”

Who Said It for 300

Is that your final answer?

“Yes suh. I felt right sorry for her, she seemed to try more’n the rest of em.”

Who Said It for 400

Is that your final answer?

“Will you take me home?”

Which One Is It for 100

B. Civil War, Civil Rights Era

A. Great Depression, Civil Rights Era

  • Harper Lee grew up during the _______and the novel took place during the ____________.

D. Roaring Twenties, Great Depression

C. Civil Rights Era, Vietnam War

Which One Is It for 200

B. 1920s, Mississippi

A. 1890s, Louisiana

  • The action of the novel takes place in the _________ in the Southern state of _________.

C. 1930s, Alabama

D. 1950s, Georgia

Which One Is It for 300

A. Their teachers

B. Aunt Alexandra and Miss Rachel

  • Besides Atticus, the adults who have the most influence on Jem and Scout are:

C. Calpurnia and Miss Maudie

D. Miss Stephanie and Uncle Jack

Which One Is It for 400

A. Bob Ewell’s character

B. Mayella Ewell’s obvious lies

  • Atticus presents enough evidence to show Tom Robinson’s innocence, but he also uses another appeal to the jury during his closing arguments when he asks them to consider:

D. The principles of justice and equality, as well as their individual consciences

C. The historical mistreatment of African Americans

Which One Is It Again for 100

A. Fear and intimidation

B. Hero worship

  • Boo Radley’s attitude toward the children seems to be one of

D. Protective affection

C. Amused toleration

Which One Is It Again for 200

A. Bob Ewell

B. Walter Cunningham, Sr.

  • Which of the following characters does not undergo internal conflict?

C. Jem

D. Atticus

Which One Is It Again for 300

A. Walter Cunningham

B. Bob Ewell

  • Who is the antagonist in the novel?

D. Atticus Finch

C. Boo Radley

Which One Is It Again for 400

  • The human mockingbirds in the story symbolize:

A. Wrongdoing

B. Prejudice

D. Justice

C. Innocence


Mayella Ewell

Tom Robinson

Boo Radley



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