The oxfam trailwalker
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The Oxfam Trailwalker. My experience in completing 100km in 48 hours Stephen Tsui. A team of four, to complete 100km in 48hrs. Right Perspectives. It’s a fundraising event of Oxfam, for poverty reduction It’s a team sport: four members crossing the Finish line together

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The oxfam trailwalker

The Oxfam Trailwalker

My experience in completing 100km in 48 hours

Stephen Tsui

Right perspectives
Right Perspectives

  • It’s a fundraising event of Oxfam, for poverty reduction

  • It’s a team sport: four members crossing the Finish line together

  • It’s challenge, not only our physical strength but also our attitude

  • It requires planning, training and good execution

  • And it should be fun!!


  • Plan now

  • What is our objective? A party on the Trail?

  • Set a realistic target and adjust during training

  • Design a training schedule accordingly

  • Form the support team

  • Set a fundraising target, plan some FR activities, maybe a FR manager!


  • Start now! On weekly basis! 4-6 hours per training

  • At least one long training of 10 hours or above

  • Safety FIRST!!! Never walk alone, avoid hot sun, ask friends or support team to join training!

  • Knowing each other, not just the pace, but personality & style

  • Test the new gears: shoes, clothes, torch…

  • For the new walkers, walk all sections at least once.

  • Night walk is a must!

  • Stop intensive training two weeks before the event.

More training
More training

  • At individual level, more cardio training: jogging, swimming and weight training…

  • The best alternative to the real trail is STEP, try walking up to your office or home every day!

  • Eat less meat, more vegetable

  • Reduce our body weight as much as we can

Get a map of the maclehose trail
Get a map of the MacLehose Trail

The maclehose trail
The MacLehose Trail

  • Section 1 & 2 should be the “warm up”, don’t run.

  • Section 3 & 4 very tough, beware of injury

  • CP 4: the biggest temptation to quit! If you can beat it, you are much more than 1/3!

  • Walking up Beacon Hill after mid-night can be v sleepy!

  • Try to avoid walking up Needle Hill at noon time!

  • Tai Mo Shan is not as steep as you think while going down is not as easy as you think.

  • Last two sections: flat and boring, a test to our endurance, patience and emotion!

  • With some training, 30-35 hrs is not difficult!!!

Kits gears
Kits & Gears together!

  • Shoes: the most important item, avoid heavy boots, start wearing now (change to light running shoes for the last two sections!)

  • Make your pack basic and light: Torches, bulbs, batteries & mobile are most important

  • Water : don’t rely solely on organiser

  • Food: don’t bring too much, you will not have big appetite

  • Vaseline is surprisingly helpful!

  • Personal favorites: a small towel to dry the sweat, dried apricot for energy

A good support team
A Good Support team together!

  • 3-5 members with positive energy, enthusiastic, willing to help, prepare for long hours of waiting, some TW experience is a big +.

  • Action plan: who to do what at which CP at what time

  • Roles: Bring good food, takes pictures, time control, psychological support, massage, co-walk…

  • Make the support simple, short but effective (refresh & energizing!)

  • food: warm, delicious, easy to digest, carbo, less meat, not greasy, don’t try anything new & funny on the day…

  • Safe the beer at the finish!

I like potato soup pasta with tomato sauce a piece of chocolate cake
I like potato soup, pasta with tomato sauce & together!a piece of chocolate cake!

The week before 18 nov
The week before 18 Nov together!

  • Light exercise only, concentrate on stretching

  • Carbo-loading & drink lot of water

  • Check weather forecast, adjust your gear

  • Team meeting for last minute reminders, pass support stuff to your support team & last round of beer. After this, stop consuming alcohol!

  • Start sleeping early, not only the night before.

More tips on the trail
More tips on the trail together!…

  • Walk according to the plan, don’t be disturbed by other teams.

  • Time control at the CPs; avoid mini party (unless it’s the plan!), talk about the plan (what to do) in the CP when you are arriving…

  • “I want to sleep!” Ooop…well… make up your mind during training

  • Keep walking!!! Avoid long break, more short breaks (3-5 mins) instead

  • Always in a team, if one lags behind, let the fittest one walk with him/her

  • Everything new at CP8, have a pair of light running shoes

  • Have some co-walkers at CP9 & 10 will be nice, (if they are of your pace)

This should be our target four together as a team
This should be our target: together!four together as a team!

Good Luck, have fun the Finish!


see you all at the Finish!!