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Globalization of russia s commercial aircraft industry
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Globalization of Russia’s Commercial Aircraft Industry. Dr. David Pritchard. February 2008. In 1970, Airbus Did Not Exist, Today They Have Over 50% Market Share. Who will be the next “Airbus”? The manufacturers from Russia, China and India?.

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Globalization of Russia’s Commercial Aircraft Industry

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Globalization of russia s commercial aircraft industry

Globalization of Russia’s Commercial Aircraft Industry

Dr. David Pritchard

February 2008

In 1970 airbus did not exist today they have over 50 market share

In 1970, Airbus Did Not Exist, Today They Have Over 50% Market Share

  • Who will be the next “Airbus”?

  • The manufacturers from Russia, China and India?

Is there a global market for russian designed and manufactured commercial aircraft

Is there a global market for RussianDesigned and ManufacturedCommercial Aircraft?

Russia s 1billion aviation center

Russia’s $1Billion Aviation Center

  • The Russian government announced that a national aviation center would be created in Zhukovsky to allow for the integration of management, design and education, along with testing and limited production facilities.

  • The goal, he said, was to build 5,800 new civilian and military planes by 2025 and win 15 percent of the world market. The country has built only a few dozen aircraft since 1991.

  • "Aviation has always been the pride of our country," Putin said. "The innovative development of our economy is impossible without aviation."

United aircraft building corporation

United Aircraft Building Corporation

  • It will be the largest ever conglomerate in Russia, encompassing Irkut, Mikoyan, Sukhoi, Ilyushin, Tupolev, and Yakovlev. It has also been recently announced that the TAPO factory, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, would also become a subsidiary of the group.

  • UAC will realize seven projects proposed by the Russian aircraft industry for instance the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (formerly the Russian Regional Jet) and a medium-range plane, MS-21 (by Irkut, Ilyushin and Tupolev).

Russian commercial aircraft programs and production


Sukhoi Superjet

Be-200 Beriev

Tu-334 Tupolev

An-148 Antonov

AN-74 Antonov

Il-96 Ilyushin

Tu-204 Tupolev

Tu-214 Tupolev

Eclipse Aviation JV

Production Facilities

Aviastar -Tu-204

Irkutsk - BE-200

Kazan -Tu-214

Kharkov– An-74

Kharkov -An-148

Mig/Aviant -Tu-334

Knaapo Superjet

Voronezh –IL-96

Aviastar – Eclipse VLJ

Russian Commercial Aircraft Programs and Production

Sukhoi superjet 100

Sukhoi Superjet 100

Sukhoi civil aircraft superjet 100

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft-Superjet 100

  • Three models- RRJ60, RRJ75 and RRJ95

    • Basic and Long Range Versions

  • Pricing is targeted to be 15- 20% lower than western manufacturers

  • Market outlook is 800 aircraft over 20 years

  • 60% international and 40% domestic

  • First flight in 2008 and first delivery in 2009

Sukhoi civil aircraft superjet 1001

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft-Superjet 100

  • Maximum commonality between airplanes of the family

  • Certification according to IAC AR, FAA, EASA regulations

  • World level after-sales support

  • Cooperation with leading aircraft systems suppliers

  • High operational performance

Superjet 100 competitive advantages

Superjet 100 Competitive Advantages

  • Aircraft design on Catia design stations

  • Western engines and avionics

  • Highly automated airframe assembly

  • Low cost labor and raw materials

  • EASA certification

Superjet 100 customers and regional linkages relationships

India Airlines

Malaysia Airlines

Air France and Lufthansa


Aeroflot and Sibir

Co-production Su-30’s

Sale of fighter aircraft

EADS cooperative agreements

Italian fighter trainers

Government supported programs

Superjet 100 Customers and Regional Linkages/Relationships

Superjet 100 partners

Superjet 100 Partners

  • Sukhoi

    • Project leader and coordinator in design, finance, certification, production, marketing, sales, after sales service

  • PowerJet (Snecma)

    • Program and risk-sharing partners, development and production of power plant

  • Government of Russia

    • Project financing

  • Alenia Aeronautical

    • Alenia will be the shareholder of SCAC

    • Alenia and SCAC will create a JV for technical cooperation, marketing, sales, aircraft delivery and after sales support

Superjet 100 international cooperation

Superjet 100 International Cooperation





Fuel System:



Sully Saint Gobain

Electric System:

Hamilton Sundstrand

Crew seats:



B/E Aerospace

Fire Protection System:


Oxygen System:


Hydraulic System :


Landing Gear:




Air Management:




Flight Control System :


Wheels, Brakes:

Goodrich Aerospace

Power Plant:


Superjet 100 interior by be aerospace

Superjet 100-Interior by BE Aerospace

Superjet 100 western avionics

Superjet 100-Western Avionics

Globalization of russia s commercial aircraft industry

Superjet 100 Production Site

Beriev be 200 waterbomber

Beriev BE-200 Waterbomber

Be 200 irkutsk


  • Two versions

    • Waterbomber (first deliveries in Russia)

    • Passenger (65 seater).

Tupolev tu 334 100 passenger

Tupolev TU-334 100 Passenger

Tu 334


  • 100 passenger jet.

  • Selling price is $18 million with Russian engines.

Antonov an 148 80 passenger

Antonov An-148 80 Passenger

An 148 kharkov


  • Antonov Design Bureau in Kiev Ukraine

  • Selling price is between $15-20 million

Antonov an 74 50 passenger

Antonov An-74 50 Passenger

An 74


  • Kharkov plant in the Ukraine will be the final assembly site.

  • Three versions-passenger, cargo, combi.

  • Aeroflot recently purchased 25 aircraft through the Ilyushin Finance Group.

Ilyushin il 96 280 passenger

Ilyushin Il-96 280 Passenger

Il 96 voronezh


  • Produced at the Voronezh facility.

  • Received FAA certification for the cargo version.

  • Western engines and avionics (17 US suppliers)

  • Low production rate (less 10 aircraft/year)

  • Selling Price is $70 million ($43 million US content)

Tupolev tu 204 170 passenger

Tupolev TU-204 170 Passenger

Tu 204 aviastar


  • Installed modern western machine tools for fuselage and wing production.

  • Sirocco has recently invested in $280 million.

  • China purchased 10 Tu-204.

  • Selling price is $25 million.

Tupolev tu 214 200 passenger

Tupolev TU-214-200 Passenger

Tu 214 kazan


  • Kazan is the production facility

    • Tu-214 production

  • Low serial production plans in the next year.

  • Installed modern western machine tools for fuselage and wing production.

  • Selling price range $25 to $30 million.

Comparison of aircraft models

Comparison of Aircraft Models

Eclipse very light jet russian production

Eclipse Very Light Jet-Russian Production

Eclipse aviation and european technology and investment research center

Eclipse Aviation and European Technology and Investment Research Center

  • Eclipse Aviation and European Technology and Investment Research Center (ETIRC) Aviation established the first Eclipse 500 manufacturing facility outside the USA in Ulyanovsk, Russia

  • The first Russian-assembled very light jet is scheduled to roll off the production line in the middle of next year, and full production of around 800 aircraft annually is expected to be reached in 2011.

  • The new assembly facility will be built at Aviastar Aircraft complex with construction costs estimated at Euro 50 million ($ 74 million). Total investment in the Russian operation is set at around 5 billion roubles($ 204 million). Russian-built Eclipse 500s will be similarly priced and configured as the US-built models.

Ms 21

MS 21

Ms 21 medium single aisle aircraft

MS -21 Medium Single Aisle Aircraft

  • The MC-21 (MS-21 design codename) is a proposed series of three twin-engine short-range and mid-range Russian jet airliners with capacity of 130-170 passengers. It is being jointly developed by Ilyushin, Tupolev and Yakovlev and is targeted to enter service in 2012

  • The initial design is to include composite materials (about 33%), increasing to 40-45% provided a composite wing is added in 2015. Engines will be Russian made (probably a western JV)

Contact information

Contact Information

Dr. David J Pritchard

210 Sagewood Terrace

Williamsville, NY 14221 USA

Telephone/fax 716-632-5657 (USA)



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