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1 st UEG Communication Seminar. Presentation of John Goodbody /THE SUNDAY TIMES. How to treat the information? What are the expectations of the media ?. Vera Caslavska - Photo : AFP. Olga Korbut – Photo : Allsport UK/ Allsport. Nadia Comaneci – Photo : Allsport USA/ALLSPORT.

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www.ueg.org – March 2014

1stUEG Communication Seminar

Presentation of John Goodbody/THE SUNDAY TIMES

www.ueg.org – March 2014

How to treat the information?

What are the expectations of the media?

www.ueg.org – March 2014

Vera Caslavska - Photo : AFP

Olga Korbut – Photo : AllsportUK/Allsport

Nadia Comaneci – Photo : AllsportUSA/ALLSPORT

SawaoKato - Photo : AFP

www.ueg.org – Mars 2014

Mary Lou Retton - Photo : Steve Powell /Allsport

Beth Tweddle – Photo : MINKUSIMAGES/UEG

Vitaly Scherbo - Photo : Chris Cole/Allsport

Svetlana Khorkina – Photo : Eileen Langsley SUPERSPORT

www.ueg.org – Mars 2014


My career in reporting gymnastics beginning with the 1968 Olympics and the famous “Mexican Hat-dance” of Vera Caslavska.

The big change in the reporting of gymnastics in the last 50 years.

The debt I owe in this talk to Jayne Pearce, who was head of all the press arrangements at the London Olympics.

www.ueg.org – March 2014

The importance of Television to Gymnastics

Most people see gymnastics on television and not as spectators in arenas

Competitive gymnastics takes place rarely, unlike football.

Therefore you must make the most of the opportunities presented.

You must try to get gymnastics on TV as often as possible.

www.ueg.org – March 2014

The change in working practices of journalists

Typewriters are out and laptops are in !

www.ueg.org – March 2014

Setting up the Press Center

First rule is having wi-fi available and internet access for both the written press and the photographers.

You must make sure the media centre is where you can get a mobile signal.

You must have someone on the door of Press Centre to check accreditation

Installing large lockers is useful.

There must be all the right documentation such as lists of competitors and biographies of many of them.

Pigeon holes needed with full results supplied.

www.ueg.org – March 2014

Setting up the Press Center

Food and drink. Need for coffee, tea, water and ability to buy sandwiches.

Televisions in press room focussing on different apparatus.

Opening hours of press room. Two hours before start of event and two hours after the competition.

Area needed for interviews. Which gymnasts should be interviewed ? What translation should be offered ?

www.ueg.org – March 2014

Press Stand

Must be close to the Press Center.

Need for facilities for landlines, electrical plugs, and plenty of room for the journalist to work.

Televisions on desks.

Also metal cables with a lock to affix to laptops. Otherwise they can be stolen.

Need for results sheets to be distributed.

www.ueg.org – March 2014

Mixed Zone

Should be close to Press Stand and Press Centre. It is where the media can interact with the gymnasts.

Order for competitors:


2. Radio

3. Newspapers, agencies, websites third

Importance of ‘flash’ quotes.

www.ueg.org – March 2014


Press hotels. Helpful if press hotels is where some of the teams are staying so buses can serve both.

Shuttle buses between hotels and the venue.

Last one should leave competition venue when press centre closes - two hours after the end of the competition.

www.ueg.org – March 2014



Technician available. Helpful volunteers.

www.ueg.org – March 2014



A place to watch

2. Access to competitors

3. A trouble-free means to transmit stories and photos.

www.ueg.org – March 2014

Increasedpublicitybefore the event

Here is how you can do it:

Set up website. Must be updated regularly, similarly with facebook and twitter.

Journalists should be sent e-mails updating them with news.

Importance of former stars such as Nadia Comaneci at the world championships in London in 2009.

Perhaps pictured in front of famous sights.

Opening up of training sessions to the media as London did for 2012.

www.ueg.org – March 2014




www.ueg.org – March 2014