Establishing a compliance assistance center in thailand
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Establishing a Compliance Assistance Center in Thailand PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Establishing a Compliance Assistance Center in Thailand. Wijarn Simachaya, Ph.D. Pollution Control Department, Thailand. Outline. PCD Responsibilities State of Surface Water Quality in Thailand in 2006 Regulations & Effluent Standards

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Establishing a Compliance Assistance Center in Thailand

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Establishing a Compliance Assistance Center in Thailand

Wijarn Simachaya, Ph.D.

Pollution Control Department, Thailand


  • PCD Responsibilities

  • State of Surface Water Quality in Thailand in 2006

  • Regulations& Effluent Standards

  • Establishment of Compliance Assistance Center in Thailand

  • Overall Plan& Progressfor Pig Farm CAC

  • Challenges & Responses

  • Structure of Thai Pig Farm CAC

  • Outreach Materials of Thai Pig Farm CAC

  • Conclusion

PCD Roles and Responsibilities

  • Make recommendations for the establishment of environmental quality standards and emission/effluent standards,

  • Provide assistance and advice on environmental management,

  • Cooperate with other countries and international organizations on environmental management,

  • Investigate public complaints on pollution,

Office of the Secretary

Waste and Hazardous Substance Management Bureau

Water Quality Management Bureau

Air Quality and Noise Management Bureau

Planning Analysis and Evaluation Division

Legal Division

Inspection and Enforcement Division

Environmental Quality and Laboratory Division

PCD Organization Chart


  • State of Surface Water Quality in Thailand in 2006

Water Quality Regulations

  • The Enhancement and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act , 1992

  • Effluent Standards

  • Ambient Water Quality Standard

Regulate Pollution Point Sources

Effluent Standards

  • Pig farms

  • Coastal Agriculture

  • Buildings

  • Gas Station and Oil Terminal

  • Housing Estate

  • Industrial Pollution Control Facilities

PigFarm Effluent Standard

Type A = Large farms : more than 5,000 hogs

Type B = Medium farms : 500 - 5,000 hogs

Enforcement Status

*1 Bangpakong River Basin *2 Thachin River Basin

*3 Orders were issued to farms where effluent samples were collected from the end of pipes outside farm perimeter

Enforcement Challenges for Pig Farm

  • Limited Budget

  • Limited Staff

  • Lack of Technical Advice

  • Difficulties in Collecting Effluent Sample

Rationale for Establishing Compliance Assistance Center (CAC)

  • Increasing Pollution Problems from Pig Farms

    • Wastewater discharges

    • Complaints about odor / wastewater

  • Other Measures to Supplement Law Enforcement

  • Direct Assistance for Pig Farms

Center Establishment Process

  • Establish working group to setup Compliance Assistance Center (CAC)

  • Collect data and conduct need assessment

  • Seminar to gather idea from Stakeholders

  • Lessons learned from developed countries

Center Establishment Process

  • Formulate options for structure of CAC

  • Formulate information package/ outreach materials to distribute via CAC such as website, brochures, manuals, etc.

  • Plan Assistance Activities such as training, technical advice, meetings.

Center Establishment Process

  • Set up pilot center and trial

  • Promote CAC and activities

  • Conduct Activities

  • Evaluate performance to improve CAC

Overall Plan

  • 2007 - Studyand plan for Pig farm CAC

  • 2008 - Pilot CAC

  • Study and plan for other CAC

Progress in 2006

  • Aug, 3-4: Workshop on Developing Compliance Assistance Capabilities

  • Sharing international lessons learned to promote compliance assistance

  • With support from AECEN

Green Pig Farm Award 2006

First Prize

  • Samphran farm , Nakornpathom Province in Thachin River Basin

  • Award, Certification and cash prize

Progress 2007

  • Establish working group within Pollution Control Department to setup Compliance Assistance Center (CAC)

  • Collect and Study related information

  • Development Pilot Project on CAC using government budget

Progress 2007

  • May, 23 : Workshop on Developing a Compliance Assistance Center in Thachin River Basinwith support from AECEN

Workshop in Thachin River Basin

Site visit

Samphran Farm , Nakornpathom Province

in the Thachin River Basin

May, 24 : Workshop on Developing a Compliance Assistance Center in Bangpakong River Basin with support from AECEN

Site visit

at Wiwat Farm, Chachoengsao Provincein Bangpakong River Basin

Study visit to Taiwan

  • Representatives from Pollution Control Department, Department of Livestock Development and Swine Association

  • Study Visit to Taiwan farms, slaughter houses, swine association and research institution

  • July 2007, support from AECEN

Progress 2007

  • Planning forsetting up pilot CAC for pig farms

  • Setting up Website

  • Prepare Information Package and Outreach Materials

  • Activities : Seminars and Training

Challenges in Establishing Pig Farm CAC

  • Many Stakeholders

  • Stakeholders uncertain of actual benefits

  • Price of the pig

  • No land availability for treatment facilities

Responses to Challenges

  • Seminars for Stakeholders

  • Gather actual needs from pig farms to plan activities

    • Technical assistance

    • Financial assistance

Options for CAC office

  • No office (virtual center – website only)

  • Pig Farm Association in the basin or

  • Academic Institutions in the basin or

  • Pollution Control Department or

  • Provincial Office of Department of Livestock Development

Possible CAC staff

  • Manager

  • Engineer / Technical Support from Universities or institutions

  • Coordinator

Options for Funding

  • Government Budget

  • Partial Government Budget

  • Self sufficient through subscription or training fees or activities.


Manual of Waste ManagementPig Farm

Cleaner Technology in Pig Farm





  • Stakeholders’ Participation

  • Enforcement and Assistance


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