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BBT at MHS. What is it like?. BBT is a collaborative, project based course. What is expected?. Over the next 18 weeks you will be expected to complete both team projects and individual projects. What is each projects timeframe?. Each team project should take 8 – 10 days to complete.

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what is it like
What is it like?
  • BBT is a collaborative, project based course.
what is expected
What is expected?
  • Over the next 18 weeks you will be expected to complete both team projects and individual projects.
what is each projects timeframe
What is each projects timeframe?
  • Each team project should take 8 – 10 days to complete.
  • Individual projects should take 3 – 5 days with some requiring only one class period.
design process
Design Process
  • Design Brief
  • Research
  • Planning
  • Making
  • Presentation
  • Evaluation
learning essentials
Learning Essentials
  • Students should be able to plan, design and produce different types of media (A / V)
  • Students should be able to create and use schematic drawings (architectural).
  • Students must demonstrate an understanding of WHMIS.
  • Students must demonstrate knowledge of measurement and layout skills (simple angles, lengths, etc.).
  • Students should be comfortable using hand tools (identification, implementation,safety).

Students must demonstrate a degree of computer literacy (hardware, software, network navigation).

  • Students must demonstrate research skills.
  • Students should be able to work independently (display problem-solving skills, use help function, etc.).
  • Students must demonstrate an understanding of transferable software navigation skills (commonalities in menu bars, installations, downloads, etc.).
how are you evaluated
How are you evaluated?
  • The BBT lab is a place of work and you will be expected to be on task.
  • Project rubrics will be provided so that you can assess your own effort during the process.
  • Effort and a positive attitude are required.
first rule of tech club
First Rule of tech club
  • You are not permitted to print anything without first getting permission from the teacher.
computers at mhs 101
Computers at MHS 101
  • Computers are a tool necessary for you to make it through the next four years at MHS. Make sure that you do not do anything to jeopardize your access. If you are found to be improperly using computers, you will have your account disabled.
  • Username: is comprised of the first two letters of your first name and the first two letters of your family name and the last five digits of you student number.

keas11111/joal11111/grst11111 – would be mine if I was a student at MHS.

  • U:Drive – location that you must save your work.
  • O:Drive – also known as the courses drive, where teachers may occasionally ask you to access course material.
student email
Student Email
  • Get in the habit of using it early, as you cannot access outside accounts such as Hotmail or gMail in school.
  • When you log into the email, you will have to put nbss\ in front of your username.
  • Your email password is the same as the password used to log into the school network.
  • You can access the log-in on the school website.
  • Your email address is [email protected]
  • School website is
tech fee
Tech Fee
  • To cover the cost of materials a nominal fee of $5 is charged of each student to cover the costs of materials.
  • No building/construction will take place until tech fees have been paid.
clean up
  • When you are working on a building project, cleaning your working area and the power tools is a requirement. Everyone involved in the building must clean.
power tools
Power Tools
  • Before you use power tools, you must ask permission of the teacher.
  • If you are unsure of the operation of any power tool, ask the teacher for instruction, do not ask another student.
  • Improper use of the power tools will result in a loss of privileges.
  • Each project will be presented to the class and the following areas must be covered:
  • What was learned …
  • What was difficult …
  • What was liked …
keys to success
Keys to success
  • Be a good teammate
  • Make an effort
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Learn some new skills