The evolution of coffee is javita
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THE EVOLUTION OF COFFEE IS JAVITA!. What is Javita?. JAVA means “coffee” VITA means “life”. Javita is a combination of words…. Who is Javita?. Javita is a direct-selling company that develops and markets great-tasting, instant gourmet coffee. Direct Selling Industry.

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The evolution of coffee is javita



What is javita

What is Javita?

  • JAVA means “coffee”

  • VITA means “life”

Javita is a combination of words…

Who is javita

Who is Javita?

Javita is a direct-selling company that develops and markets great-tasting, instant gourmet coffee.

Direct selling industry

Direct Selling Industry

  • Also called word of mouth or Social Marketing

  • $120 billion global industry

  • 20+ consecutive years of growth

  • Thriving in more than 70 countries worldwide

It’s a distribution method used by some of the most successful organizations in the world.

Coffee industry

Coffee Industry

  • The global market is valued at $100 billion

  • Coffee is the second most consumed drink (to water)

  • Coffee is the second most consumed commodity (to oil)

  • 200 billion cups are consumed each day around the world

  • More than half the world’s population consumes 3.1 cups daily

Our vision

Our Vision

To become the premier coffee company in the direct-selling industry by providing unique, great-tasting, instant coffee and an incredible business opportunity through which we can enhance people’s lives—one cup at a time.

The evolution of coffee is javita

Why Coffee?

Why coffee

Why Coffee?

  • The second most consumed drink

  • The second most traded commodity

  • A $100+ billion global market

  • 400 million cups consumed daily in the U.S.

  • 2 billion cups are consumed daily in the world

Why coffee1

Why Coffee?

  • It helps you think

  • It helps you perform

  • It keeps you alert

There’s numerous benefits to coffee:

And half the world’s population already consumes it!

Javita s product strategy

Javita’s Product Strategy

  • 100% natural (safe)

  • Instant (convenient)

  • Gourmet coffee (tastes great)

  • Infused with beneficial ingredients (good for you)

Javita s coffee is a smart idea

Javita’s coffee is “a smart idea”

  • It’s coffee evolved

  • All the taste and power of coffee PLUS an edge

  • Conveniently packaged to go wherever life takes you

  • Includes the benefits of health and vitality from herbs

Exactly what you want from your coffee and so much more!

Our coffee

Our Coffee

  • South American Arabica and Robusta beans

  • Masterfully blended

  • Slow roasted to perfection

  • Micronized and extracted to lock in nutrients, flavor and freshness

Just add water!!

First product energy mind

First product—energy + mind

  • Infused with three herbs and other natural ingredients

  • Great health benefits

    • Energy

    • Mental Clarity

    • Alertness

    • Memory

Long term product strategy

Long-Term Product Strategy

Complete line of coffees infused with

natural ingredients providing benefits:

  • Weight loss

  • Bone & Joint

  • Immune

  • Other:

    • Instant green tea

    • Hot chocolate

The evolution of coffee is javita

Your Opportunity…

Drink share earn

Drink, Share, Earn

  • Drinkthe world’s most perfect coffee (Product the market already demands)

  • Share coffee through word-of-mouth adv.(Proven and profitably distribution channel—worth $120 billion industry)

  • Earn through the business opportunity(fair and lucrative compensation plan rewards you for your efforts)

Javita compensation plan

Javita Compensation Plan

  • Weekly FastStart Bonuses

  • Monthly Team Commissions

  • Top Enroller Bonuses

  • Rank Advancement Bonuses

  • Matching Bonuses

  • Global Leadership Bonuses

  • Exotic vacation

  • And more!


Types of income

Types of Income

  • Immediate Income

    • Retail Profits

    • FastStart Bonus

  • Long-term Income

    • Team Commissions

    • Rank Advancement & Matching Bonus

    • Top 10 Growth Bonus

    • Manager & Directors Bonus

    • Global Bonus

    • Chairman Bonus Positions

Retail profits

Retail Profits

  • Customers purchase products directly from you /your website

  • You earn the difference between retail and wholesale costs. See example below:

Faststart bonus

FastStart Bonus

  • Earn immediate income

  • Paid weekly

  • Bonus paid on the first order of Members they personally enroll

  • Receive 2nd level bonus on first order Members theirMember enrolls



Team commissions

Team Commissions

  • Paid monthly

  • Earn 4% on volume up to 14 levels

  • Only two legs required

  • Must have 100 PV personal order or 50 PV on AutoShip to be eligible

Team commissions1

Team Commissions

You earn 4% of the total volume for orders placed on each level up to 14 levels.

250 PV

250 PV

50 PV

250 PV

50 PV

250 PV

50 PV

250 PV

250 PV

250 PV

250 PV

250 PV

50 PV

250 PV

Rank advancement matching bonus

Rank Advancement & Matching Bonus

  • A Personal Bonus

  • A Matching Bonus

There are two components to the Rank Advancement & Matching (RAM) Bonus:

The RAM Bonus recognizes a Member’s ascent through the Javita Compensation Plan.

Ram bonus

RAM Bonus

  • Earning potential of up to $500K

  • Based on rank attained and time taken to achieve rank.

Rank Advancement (personal) Bonus:

Ram bonus1

RAM Bonus

  • Rewarded for helping Members you personally enroll achieve rank

  • Pays on every Member you personally enroll up to 50% of the earned bonus amount

Matching Bonus:

Top 10 growth bonus

Top 10 Growth Bonus

  • $10,000 Monthly Bonus

  • Shared by top 10 enrollers

  • Based on total volume of product sales to new Members

  • Paid on a pro rata basis

  • Member with most volume earns largest share

Managers directors bonus

Managers & Directors Bonus

  • Monthly bonus

  • 2% net local monthly commissionable volume

  • Shared among Managers and Directors

Managers & Directors (MAD) Bonus:

Global bonus

Global Bonus

  • Elite monthly bonus

  • 1% of global volume

  • Partners and Chairman earn shares in the pool based on rank and team-building efforts

  • One additional share awarded when Members they personally enroll achieve new Director or Manager rank

Chairman bonus positions cbp

Chairman Bonus Positions (CBP)

  • Second contract awarded when a Member achieves the rank of Chairman I

  • New contract is placed frontline to the original contract

  • As volume is built under CBP, Member earns twice on all volume

  • Additional CBPs added (frontline)when Member achieves ranks of Chairman II and III

Why javita s plan is great

Why Javita’s Plan is Great?

  • Coffee is easy to talk about.

  • The comp plan pays well.

  • The product is easily shared.

  • Getting started is affordable.

  • The product tastes great and is versatile.

  • Product is easily registered in international markets.

  • Discounted AutoShip will keep people ordering.

  • Comp Plan only requires two legs.

  • The Rank Advancement & Matching Bonus

  • The Company knows how to execute with excellence.

The evolution of coffee is javita

Position for Success

Getting started

Getting Started

  • Business Pack

  • Starter Pack

  • Member Kit

There are three ways to get started:

Javita s business pack

Javita’s Business Pack

  • $599 /250 PV

  • 16 boxes of energy + mind

  • 100 Javita Sampler Cards

  • Javita-branded coffee tumbler

  • Javita Member Kit

To be eligible for the RAM Bonus you must join with a Javita Business Pack.

Javita s starter pack

Javita’s Starter Pack

  • $99 / 50 PV

  • 2 boxes of energy + mind

  • Javita-branded coffee tumbler

  • Javita Member Kit

Javita s member pack

Javita’s Member Pack

  • $49

  • Javita Welcome Letter / Getting Started Card

  • Javita Company Profile

  • Javita Compensation Plan

  • Javita Flash drive (Policies & Procedures, Forms, FAQs, our Corporate PowerPoint, Member logo, etc.)

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