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Test Review. Christianity. What does the symbol represent?. INRI Latin inscription over the cross Translates to Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. What does the symbol represent?. What does the symbol represent?. What does the symbol represent?. Ithcus

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Test Review

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Test Review


What does the symbol represent?

  • INRI

  • Latin inscription over the cross

  • Translates to Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews

What does the symbol represent?

What does the symbol represent?

What does the symbol represent?

  • Ithcus

  • Greek word for fish contains first letters of Jesus Christ.

  • Early Christians used symbol to secretly identify themselves

Define ‘martyr’.

  • Someone who dies for their beliefs.

  • St. Stephen

Define ‘Orthodox.’

  • Literal interpretation of Bible

  • It practices what it understands to be the original faith passed down from the Apostles (that faith which has been believed everywhere, always, and by all, namely Holy Tradition)

What is the ‘Ninety-Five Theses’?

  • Martin Luther’s criticism of the Catholic Church that he nailed to the Church doors

Crusades- Why was this ‘holy war’ launched against Islam?

  • The reason for the crusades was a war between Christians and Moslems which centered around the city of Jerusalem.

  • The City of Jerusalem held a Holy significance to the Christian religion

Which Denomination?

  • Authority of Pope

  • Christianity came straight from Jesus and the Apostles

  • Orthodox

Which Denomination?

  • political power, imitating Jesus, corruption

  • where Pope should reign

    Roman Catholic

Which Denomination?

  • kept many Catholic Liturgical practices


Which Denomination?

  • independence from Pope authority

  • became a national church

  • Lead by King Henry VIII


Which Denomination?

  • Authority of church solely with the Bible and not church traditions, leaders

  • Salvation doesn’t come from actions (such as donations) but faith


Which denomination?

  • got rid of liturgical practices

  • wanted simpler forms of worship

  • adult baptism

  • Persecution

    Mennonites and Anabaptists

What year was Jesus born?

  • 7 B.C.

What is considered the holiest city for Christians?

  • Jerusalem- center of many battles for the rights of the city

How many Christians are there worldwide?

  • 1.5 billion

What interesting event took place when Jesus was 12 years old that shows that Jesus was not an average teenager?

What tradition did Jesus begin as the “Last Supper”?

  • Eucharist- Eat the body (bread) and drink (wine)the blood of Jesus

Why is the resurrection the most important event for Christians?

  • It proves that Jesus is in fact the son of God and that he will come again.

Who put Jesus to death?

  • Pontius Pilot

What does Pentecost celebrate?

  • A Jewish festival 50 days after Passover – the disciples gather to celebrate

  • The Holy Spirit comes to provide gifts to the believers to help them with their mission to spread the “good news”

  • Disciples went into the street to speak to the crowds – Peter converted 3000 people that day through baptism

  • The Christian Church is born – the first followers are Jews

Who is Peter?

  • Jesus tells him he will be the rock on which the Church is built on – he will be given the “keys to heaven” – what he decides on earth will be accepted by God

  • The first Pope

Who is James?

  • leader of the Jesus movement in Jerusalem – a strict Jew who believed that Jesus was the messiah

Why is Christianity made illegal?

  • Challenges authority of leaders

  • Potential for conflict

  • Goes against Jewish teachings- Ex. Drinking and eating Eucharist

Who is Paul?

  • SAUL OF TARSUS (PAUL) – an upper-class Jew (raised in Greek culture) who serves as a Roman soldier to find hidden Christians and arrest them

  • on the way to Damascus, he is blinded by God and given the message to preach about Jesus to the Gentiles (non-Jews)

Name the 4 Gospels.

  • Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

What is written in the Gospels?

  • Stories of Jesus and his teachings, and miracles.

What is a catacomb? Why is it significant?

  • In underground catacombs and in their homes, Christians continue the tradition of communion and hide copies of sacred writings

  • Christianity gets driven underground – symbols are created to identify secret Christian communities

Explain the importance of Emperor Constantine.

  • leader of the Roman Empire

  • Before battle, he has a vision that says “Conquer with this…”

  • He wins and converts to Christianity – begins the process of converting the whole Roman Empire

Why was the Edict of Milan so important to Christians?

  • 313 AD - Constantine passes a new law called Edict of Milan – makes Roman Empire tolerant of all religions, starts the spread of Christianity

  • A proclamation that permanently established religious toleration for Christianity within the Roman Empire. It was the outcome of a political agreement.

Each region was given a leader to guide Christians. What were these leaders called in the East and West?

  • every region will have a leader called “Bishop” (had already started) – in the east the bishops were called “Patriarchs”

Where is the original center of the Church?

  • Rome

Why was the Council of Ephesus important?

  • Mary declared mother of Jesus (the man) and mother of God

  • decide that no more changes needed to Nicene Creed

What caused the Great Schism?

  • every region will have a leader called “Bishop” (had already started) – in the east the bishops were called “Patriarchs”

  • linguistic and geographic divide

  • The Role of Ecumenical Councils- “And the Son”

What title for Jesus refers to how he fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies?

  • Messiah

Name 4 places that are considered Holy Land.

  • Bethlehem: the birthplace of Jesus

  • Nazareth: Where Jesus grew up

  • Region of Galilee: Where Jesus did much of His teaching

  • Jerusalem: Where Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension occurred as well as the Pentecost

What is the Protestant Reformation? Who led it?

  • Protestant = any movement that rebelled against Rome

  • Martin Luther

What caused the Protestant Reformation?

  • Kings of countries began to gain more power and people began to listen to their authority more than the Church

  • Kings began to resent the challenges the Church presented to their decisions

  • The Church was unable to raise money and had to find new ways to make money – some of the ways were considered abusive and corrupt

  • People became more educated and read the Bible for themselves – they began to question interpretations and challenge ideas for themselves

When does Advent take place?

  • 4 Sundays before Christmas

What does the Epiphany celebrate?

  • Jesus’ birth, baptism, and first miracles

How is Lent celebrated?

  • Ash Wednesday starts Lent.

  • Ashes on forehead.

What does Easter celebrate?

  • Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

Which 2 sacraments are celebrated by all Christians?

  • Baptism

  • Eucharist

When does Anointing of the Sick occur?

  • When someone is very ill, at risk of death, very old, going into surgery

Describe the image of God that is portrayed in Bruce Almighty.

  • Father figure

  • Leader

  • Patient

  • Provides guidance

  • Free will

  • Sense of humour

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