The Southwest
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The Southwest. By: Alex, Brianna, Liam, and Justin. The Southwestern Dust Bowl.

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The Southwest

By: Alex, Brianna, Liam, and Justin

The Southwestern Dust Bowl

One big thing happened in the southwest was The Dust bowl. The Dust Bowl was when the wheat growing farmers plowed away the prairie grass and since there had been little rain for some time the wind just eroded the dirt and wheat seeds off the land. The dust from the Dust Bowl created large wind gusts that had dust and other particles in it. This affected many peoples lives.

The Southwest Geography

As you learned earlier, erosion is water that carries away soil or rock. Erosion formed the Grand Canyon by the Colorado River. Water formed the Grand Canyon by forming grooves in the Canyon. This makes the Grand Canyons walls all bumpy and beautiful. The rocks are all colorful, and they come in shades of gold, blue, purple, and brown. The Grand Canyon is a mile long!!

The Long Walk

Southwest Culture

In 1858, an event called the long walk occurred. A man named Manulito had owned a piece of land for a long time. He had a herd of animals there, and soldiers were trying to take it away. When he refused to move, they killed his entire herd. They forced him and other Indians to walk all the way to Fort Sumner, New Mexico from over 300 miles away!


SOUTHWEST ECONOMY REALLY KICKED Off on JaNuary 10, 1901. On this date aT SpinDletopHIll a gusher shot up pEtroleum and it took six long and hard working dAYs TO CONTROL THIS PETROLEUM.

State senators


New Mexico-



John McCain and Jon Kyl

Pete Domenici and Jeff Bingaman

Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn

Jim Inhafe and Tom Caburn

~State Senators~

State governors


New Mexico



Janet Napolitano

Bill Richardson

Brad Henry

Rick Perry

~State Governors~

State representatives


New Mexico-







~State Representatives~