Ancient civs vocab quiz
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Ancient Civs Vocab Quiz PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Civs Vocab Quiz. Use the following sentences to answer numbers 1-3:

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Ancient Civs Vocab Quiz

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Ancient CivsVocab Quiz

  • Use the following sentences to answer numbers 1-3:

    • The early Roman civilization had a government of elected leaders. Later, the government conquered and ruled over other nations. As the civilization began to weaken, it was ruled by a few people who worked together.

  • 1. What word best describes Roman government at the beginning of its civilization?

  • 2. What word best describes Roman government in the middle of its civilization?

  • 3. What word best describes Roman government at the end of the civilization?

  • 4. In the land of Sandersonia, King Jesse and Queen Jessica had a son who grew up to also be King. What type of government did Sandersonia have?

  • 5. What word refers to the action that King Hammurabi took when he wrote a system of organized laws for Babylon?

Use the blue flow chart to answer numbers 6-8.6. What word describes the type of people who lived before the Neolithic Revolution?7. What word describes the type of society that was developed after the Neolithic Revolution?8. What word describes a development that took place during the Neolithic Revolution?

  • 9. In the 16th century BC, the Hyksos invaded Egypt with horses and chariots. Although the Egyptians had never seen horses and chariots before, soon both were used in the Egyptian military. What term describes what happened with the horses and chariots?

  • 10. The wheel, the telephone, and the internet are all examples of which term?

11. What term would be the best title for the diagram below?

  • 12. ________________________________ : nation :: coaching staff : basketball team

13. What type of landform is circled on this map?

  • 14. What type of government is named by the stems meaning “people” and “government,” meaning “ruled by the people?”

  • 15. ________________________________ : Command :: Sleeping : Resting

  • 16. ________________________________ A person using logic and reason to try to answer questions about the meaning of life would be using what term?

17. What type of landform is circled on this map?

18. What word best describes the system represented in the diagram below?

  • 19. In a letter to John Adams, Thomas Jefferson wrote about government jobs that were handed down in one family from generation to generation. Which term describes the type of family Jefferson is referring to?

  • 20. As the Shang family lost power in China, the Zhou family seized power and kept it, from generation to generation, for almost 1000 years! This family would be considered a what?

Stems: Answer the missing numbers on your paper.

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