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Programming in C#. Group 6. Project Specification. Cameron McHugh. C# Basics. Basic syntax Control structures Types Object-oriented Polymorphism Delegates. C# vs. Java/C++/etc. .NET Framework vs. Java API JVM vs. CLR Similarities ( Intermediate language, Object Oriented, Networking )

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Programming in C#

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Programming in C#

Group 6

Project Specification

Cameron McHugh

C# Basics

  • Basic syntax

  • Control structures

  • Types

  • Object-oriented

  • Polymorphism

  • Delegates

C# vs. Java/C++/etc.

  • .NET Framework vs. Java API

  • JVM vs. CLR

  • Similarities (Intermediate language, Object Oriented, Networking)

  • Differences (C# not cross platform, Java more open source)

  • Java Sun One Studio -> Free

  • Visual Studio .NET -> $$$

  • Faster assembled IL vs. slower runtime interpreted byte code

Threading & Process Control

  • Threading Basics

  • Asynchronous Callbacks and Delegates

  • Thread Control & Synchronization

  • Deadlocks and Thread Starvation


  • TCP/IP Sockets (not as interesting)

  • Remoting and Distributed Applications (more interesting)

  • SOAP and Object Serialization

What is .NET?

  • Definition of .NET

  • Multiple Languages (C#, VB .NET, C++, J#)

  • XML Web Services

  • Framework/Environment for Connecting Devices

  • Suitable environment for developing mobile and ubiquitous applications

  • What’s new in Visual Studio .NET?

Potential Learning Objects & Interactive Components

  • Quiz Applet for C# Basics

  • Visual demonstration of byte code assembly

  • Visual display of remoting functionality

  • Visual display of threading (including synchronization issues)

  • Mini quizzes at end of major concept items (i.e. What is .NET)

Project Documentation

Andrew Sutherland

Project Documentation Content

  • Web Site Documentation

    • User manual, developer manual

    • Description of the purpose of tutorial

    • Introduction of the group members

    • Directory structure diagram

    • Information via a data dictionary

Project Management Documentation

  • Project management documentation

    • Project task network and risk table

    • Presentation content

    • Details of person hours per individual task

    • Summary table of total person hours during each phase


  • Documentation considered an integral aspect of web development. Allocate resources accordingly.

  • Develop documentation concurrently with website content.

  • Reflect any changes in web design with appropriate changes in documentation.

  • Record meeting minutes and attendees.

Documentation (cont’d)

  • Update task network as project proceeds.

  • Update risk table as project proceeds.

  • Record individual time expenditures.

  • Log all testing procedures and results.

  • Integrate required documentation into their respective index pages.

Project Management

Dong Ju

Project Risks

Technical Risks

Business Risks

Risk Analysis

  • Risk:

    • Tasks not completed within required time

  • Mitigation:

    • Careful analysis of project scope and tasks

    • Reasonable allocation of resources

    • Subtask division (milestones)

  • Management:

    • Reallocation of the human resources

    • Bigger whip

Risk Analysis

  • Risk:

    • Misunderstanding requirements

  • Mitigation:

    • Group discussion

  • Management:

    • Recheck the requirements every milestone

Risk Analysis

  • Risk:

    • Failure in applet implementation

  • Mitigation:

    • Careful determination of applet complexity

    • Reasonable allocation of resources

  • Management:

    • Reallocation of resources

    • Utilize other techniques

Project Tasks Definition

  • T1. Determine project topic

  • T2. Division of group

  • T3. Perform initial topic research

  • T4. Determine project scope

  • T5. Determine initial list of applets

  • T6. Construct the task network

  • T7. Perform risk analysis

    Milestone1 Requirement Presentation

Project Tasks Definition

  • T8. Perform initial website design

  • T9. Finalize research

  • T10. Design applets

  • T11. Finalize website design

  • T12. Initial testing

Milestone 2 Design Presentation

Project Tasks Definition

  • T13. Implement applets

  • T14. Integrate website content

  • T15. Integrate applets

  • T16. Complete project testing

Milestone 3 Product Presentation

Project Tasks Definition

  • T17. Complete project documentation

  • T18. Complete project packaging

Submit Final Project

Task Network




















Final Submission



Group organization

  • Group Coordinator

    • Project coordinator ensures standard of the project and liaises regularly with the professor and group members.

  • Project Manager

    • Project manager ensures that project task and milestone deadlines are met, and oversees resolution of any team issues.

  • Six development Team Leaders

    • Teams divided according to skill and individual interest.

    • Each group leaders responsible for making detailed decisions and managing his/her sub-group. Also responsible for recording team meeting minutes and time expenditures.

Group Organization (cont’d)

Group Organization (cont’d)

Group Organization (cont’d)

Group Organization (cont’d)

Time Table

Useful Links

  • Comparison between J2EE and .NET


    Microsoft official site for c# and .Net


    Non proprietary c# developers site


    Comprehensive c# tutorial

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