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Programming in C#. Group 6. Project Specification. Cameron McHugh. C# Basics. Basic syntax Control structures Types Object-oriented Polymorphism Delegates. C# vs. Java/C++/etc. .NET Framework vs. Java API JVM vs. CLR Similarities ( Intermediate language, Object Oriented, Networking )

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Programming in C#

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Programming in c

Programming in C#

Group 6

Project specification

Project Specification

Cameron McHugh

C basics

C# Basics

  • Basic syntax

  • Control structures

  • Types

  • Object-oriented

  • Polymorphism

  • Delegates

C vs java c etc

C# vs. Java/C++/etc.

  • .NET Framework vs. Java API

  • JVM vs. CLR

  • Similarities (Intermediate language, Object Oriented, Networking)

  • Differences (C# not cross platform, Java more open source)

  • Java Sun One Studio -> Free

  • Visual Studio .NET -> $$$

  • Faster assembled IL vs. slower runtime interpreted byte code

Threading process control

Threading & Process Control

  • Threading Basics

  • Asynchronous Callbacks and Delegates

  • Thread Control & Synchronization

  • Deadlocks and Thread Starvation



  • TCP/IP Sockets (not as interesting)

  • Remoting and Distributed Applications (more interesting)

  • SOAP and Object Serialization

What is net

What is .NET?

  • Definition of .NET

  • Multiple Languages (C#, VB .NET, C++, J#)

  • XML Web Services

  • Framework/Environment for Connecting Devices

  • Suitable environment for developing mobile and ubiquitous applications

  • What’s new in Visual Studio .NET?

Potential learning objects interactive components

Potential Learning Objects & Interactive Components

  • Quiz Applet for C# Basics

  • Visual demonstration of byte code assembly

  • Visual display of remoting functionality

  • Visual display of threading (including synchronization issues)

  • Mini quizzes at end of major concept items (i.e. What is .NET)

Project documentation

Project Documentation

Andrew Sutherland

Project documentation content

Project Documentation Content

  • Web Site Documentation

    • User manual, developer manual

    • Description of the purpose of tutorial

    • Introduction of the group members

    • Directory structure diagram

    • Information via a data dictionary

Project management documentation

Project Management Documentation

  • Project management documentation

    • Project task network and risk table

    • Presentation content

    • Details of person hours per individual task

    • Summary table of total person hours during each phase

Programming in c


  • Documentation considered an integral aspect of web development. Allocate resources accordingly.

  • Develop documentation concurrently with website content.

  • Reflect any changes in web design with appropriate changes in documentation.

  • Record meeting minutes and attendees.

Documentation cont d

Documentation (cont’d)

  • Update task network as project proceeds.

  • Update risk table as project proceeds.

  • Record individual time expenditures.

  • Log all testing procedures and results.

  • Integrate required documentation into their respective index pages.

Project management

Project Management

Dong Ju

Programming in c

Project Risks

Programming in c

Technical Risks

Business Risks

Risk analysis

Risk Analysis

  • Risk:

    • Tasks not completed within required time

  • Mitigation:

    • Careful analysis of project scope and tasks

    • Reasonable allocation of resources

    • Subtask division (milestones)

  • Management:

    • Reallocation of the human resources

    • Bigger whip

Risk analysis1

Risk Analysis

  • Risk:

    • Misunderstanding requirements

  • Mitigation:

    • Group discussion

  • Management:

    • Recheck the requirements every milestone

Risk analysis2

Risk Analysis

  • Risk:

    • Failure in applet implementation

  • Mitigation:

    • Careful determination of applet complexity

    • Reasonable allocation of resources

  • Management:

    • Reallocation of resources

    • Utilize other techniques

Programming in c

Project Tasks Definition

  • T1. Determine project topic

  • T2. Division of group

  • T3. Perform initial topic research

  • T4. Determine project scope

  • T5. Determine initial list of applets

  • T6. Construct the task network

  • T7. Perform risk analysis

    Milestone1 Requirement Presentation

Programming in c

Project Tasks Definition

  • T8. Perform initial website design

  • T9. Finalize research

  • T10. Design applets

  • T11. Finalize website design

  • T12. Initial testing

Milestone 2 Design Presentation

Programming in c

Project Tasks Definition

  • T13. Implement applets

  • T14. Integrate website content

  • T15. Integrate applets

  • T16. Complete project testing

Milestone 3 Product Presentation

Programming in c

Project Tasks Definition

  • T17. Complete project documentation

  • T18. Complete project packaging

Submit Final Project

Task network

Task Network




















Final Submission



Group organization

Group organization

  • Group Coordinator

    • Project coordinator ensures standard of the project and liaises regularly with the professor and group members.

  • Project Manager

    • Project manager ensures that project task and milestone deadlines are met, and oversees resolution of any team issues.

  • Six development Team Leaders

    • Teams divided according to skill and individual interest.

    • Each group leaders responsible for making detailed decisions and managing his/her sub-group. Also responsible for recording team meeting minutes and time expenditures.

Group organization cont d

Group Organization (cont’d)

Group organization cont d1

Group Organization (cont’d)

Group organization cont d2

Group Organization (cont’d)

Group organization cont d3

Group Organization (cont’d)

Time table

Time Table

Useful links

Useful Links

  • Comparison between J2EE and .NET


    Microsoft official site for c# and .Net


    Non proprietary c# developers site


    Comprehensive c# tutorial


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