Health  Safety Policy  Procedures      PRODUCT OVERVIEW

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Health Safety Policy Procedures PRODUCT OVERVIEW

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1. 1 Health & Safety Policy & Procedures PRODUCT OVERVIEW

2. 2 This presentation has been prepared to provide users and potential purchasers of the Construction H&S Policy & Procedures software with a brief overview of the product and the benefits it offers

3. 3 Overview The Construction H&S Policy & Procedures package has been specifically designed to assist builders, contractors, designers and others working in the UK construction industry to comply with their statutory duties under UK Health & Safety Law  The software has been written by practising engineers and safety professionals who have a detailed understanding and knowledge of both the construction industry and of Health & Safety legislation

4. 4 Overview (continued) The H&S Policy & Procedures package provides a comprehensive solution to meet not only with the legal requirements of Health & Safety Law, but also with the contractual requirements which main contractors and clients now demand Above all, good Health & Safety makes good business sense, not only can it help you to win more work and additional contracts, but it can also make your work more efficient and safer for your employees

5. 5 Who is it for? The Construction H&S Policy & Procedures package can be used by builders, contractors, plumbers, decorators, engineers, architects, project managers and others who work in the construction industry In fact, all companies who employ 5 or more persons must have a written H&S Policy document, though not withstanding this, every company (even those with less than 5 employees) is required to have a H&S Policy

6. 6 What does it do? The software provides: A comprehensive solution which is probably the only H&S Policy product specifically written for companies operating in the construction industry The software offers a comprehensive guide, detailing  the Health & Safety Policy, organisation and general arrangement requirements Comprehensive information and documentation on a wide range of safety procedures  Method statement procedures and pro-formas

7. 7 What does it do? (continued) The software provides: Permit to work procedures and pro-formas Risk assessment policy and pro-formas CDM policy and information Health, safety & welfare start-up procedures The software also covers a vast array of other issues and topics such as Health & Safety training; fire safety; emergency procedures; accident reporting; welfare and first aid; work equipment; display screen equipment; noise; hazardous substances; PPE and manual handling etc

8. 8 Ensuring Compliance The Construction H&S Policy & Procedures package can help to control and manage construction safety through the management and elimination of hazards and the implementation of appropriate control measures Furthermore the full 9 sections included with each software pack provide both new and existing organisations with a comprehensive, up to date Health and Safety Management System

9. 9 Features & Benefits The Construction H&S Policy & Procedures software package is totally customisable and is supplied on CD ROM in MS Word format Whilst this presentation can only provide a brief overview of the software contents, users of the H&S Policy & Procedures soon discover that the package offers exceptional value and pays for itself in next to no time The only computer skills you need to operate the software is to know how to point a mouse, click the mouse button’s and use the keyboard to type in text

10. 10 Specifications System Requirements: Processor - Pentium II or newer Recommended 128MB RAM or higher CD ROM drive Operating system Windows 95/98/2000/XP Microsoft Word 97 or newer

11. 11 Pricing The price of our software is all inclusive and includes for not only the software itself, but also for: Ongoing technical support in the installation and use of the software We do not charge an annual maintenance fee for the use of our software There are no hidden costs to pay!!

12. 12 How to Purchase The H&S Policy & Procedures software may be purchased from our online shop by logging onto: As you proceed through the checkout you will be asked if you want to make an online credit/debit card purchase or you may alternatively print off you order and send it to us with a cheque/postal order for the required sum. If you require any further information, please email us on:

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