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Million dollar project
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Million Dollar Project

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Million dollar project

I am doing a project, where I get a million dollars. By the time it’s due every penny has to be spent. 10% goes to charity, and 20% goes to the government. I have to buy a house, and everything to go in it. I have to attend four years of college, buy a car, a vacation for my family, and pay for a visit from my E-pal with five excursions. I also have to buy a gift for my teacher and every member of my family.

Million Dollar Project

Million dollar project

This is my spreadsheet that I used to estimate how I was going to spend my money. I did the estimate column and then I looked up the costs and put in the actual costs in the sheet to see how much I spent.

These charts and graphs compare how much i spent and how much i thought i was going to spend

These charts and graphs compare how much I spent and how much I thought I was going to spend.



My college is UGA, and I paid $72,000 to go there.

Austin s charity

Austin’s Charity

I am donating to UGA to help pay for soccer score boards. I’m giving $100,000 to have a scoreboard on each side of the field. They have agreed to name them after me.



This is my corvette. It cost $73,925.I had to drive for two hours to find it. The first place I drove was to six Flags White water.

Mom and dad s gift

Mom and Dad’s Gift

These are golf clubs for my dad. They cost $2,000 dollars.

This is a trip to Fiji for mom. it cost $3,000 dollars.

Kenzie and mason s gift

Kenzie and Mason’s gift

This is Kenzie’s gift. It is a cell phone and it’s $185 dollars. She is six years old.

This is Mason’s gift it’s a toy motorcycle and it is $280 dollars. Mason is four years old.

Family s vacation

Family’s vacation

The family traveled to six flags white water. Everyone loved it.!!!!! We all got soaked! It cost $200 dollars.

Vacation for e pal

Vacation for E-pal

The plane ticket from Manchester UK to Suwannee Georgia. I found the price on Delta Airlines and it cost $1,985 dollars.

Vacation for e pal1

Vacation for E-pal

It cost $70 dollars to take my E-pal to Snow Mountain.

Vacation for e pal2

Vacation for E-pal

It costs $220 dollars to go to a braves game.

Vacation for e pal3

Vacation for E-pal

It costs $50 dollars to go to a Basketball Atlanta Hawks game.

Vacation for e pal4

Vacation For E-pal

I took my E-pal to a Michigan Football Game, for $400 dollars.

Vacation for e pal5

Vacation For E-pal

I took my E-pal to six flags it costs $80 dollars.

Mrs simmons gift

Mrs. Simmons Gift

With my million dollars, I treated my teacher and her husband to a 5-day 4-night cruise. It cost $638 dollars.

My pet

My Pet

This is my pet squirrel monkey it’s a boy and it cost $7,650.

My house

My House

This is my house it’s at Lake Michigan. It cost $200,767 dollars. It was built in

1978.It has two bedrooms, a pool table, an air hockey table, a ping pong table, one bed, a loft bed, two couches, two bathrooms, a computer, a surf board, jet skis, a boat, a stove, a table, a dining room, a grill, a refrigerator, and a living room.

Home furnishings

Home Furnishings

If you put all of the stuff for my home together, it would cost $179,000 dollars. If you counted the home it would be $379,767 dollars.

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