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Networking & Integration

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Networking & Integration. NOTI-FIRE-NET. NOTI-FIRE-NET – Overview. Unites multiple NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm control panels as one LAN or WAN Connect using wire or fiber All panels operate independently, yet cohesively for unified response

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noti fire net overview
NOTI-FIRE-NET – Overview
  • Unites multiple NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm control panels as one
    • LAN or WAN
    • Connect using wire or fiber
  • All panels operate independently, yet cohesively for unified response
  • Enhanced survivability – communications loss will not compromise life safety
  • Easily accommodates future growth
  • Network-wide display and control
noti fire net applications




Office Buildings



NOTI-FIRE-NET Applications
noti fire net tm
  • Backward and forward compatible
  • Supports all NOTIFIER intelligent systems
    • NFS-320
    • NFS/NFS2-640
    • NFS/NFS2-3030
    • NCA/NCA2
    • AM2020/AFP-1010
    • AFP-400/300
    • AFP-200

Network Grows with You as Your Business Needs Expand

network advantages
Network Advantages
  • Universal Protocol
    • No need to “translate” panel data to the network or vice versa
  • Faster network communication – over 3Mb
    • Program/update panel(s) across the network
  • True Peer-to-Peer architecture
  • Cooperative control-by-event [CCBE]
network control annunciator
Network Control Annunciator
  • Network-wide annunciation and control
    • Extended descriptions pinpoint event locations
    • Multiple event screens for fire tracking.
  • Network history buffers
    • Advanced filters for quicker access to data
noti fire net web server
  • Authorized personnel monitor system status via the Internet
  • Screen refresh assures you’re viewing current status
  • Automatic event notification
    • Email
    • Text message
  • Standard Ethernet connection to panel or network

Connect, View, Manage – From Anywhere In The World

  • Combines the best features from:
    • NCS (Network Control Station)
    • UniNet 2000 Workstation
  • ONYXWorks supports:
      • NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Panels
      • Competitive Fire Alarm Panels
      • Security
      • Access Control
      • CCTV networks
onyxworks platform
ONYXWorks™ - Platform
  • ONYXWorks Workstation
    • Intel 2.0GHz Pentium IV
    • 40 GB Hard Drive
    • 256 MB video RAM
    • CD-RW Drive
    • Ethernet Card
    • 17”Flatscreen LCD Monitor
    • Windows XP Professional Operating System
onyxworks graphics
ONYXWorks™ – Graphics
  • ONYXWorks Graphics
    • Existing building drawings can be used
    • Drawings can be exported in two formats
      • .WMF Format - Allows for zoom in/out and keep proper resolution
      • .BMP Format - Allows for faster screen regeneration, zoom reduces graphic resolution quality
    • Graphic screens and device ICON locations can be programmed in the office
notify ip mass notification2
NOTIFY-IP™ Mass Notification
  • NOTIFY-IP Mass Notification distributes real-time audio messages during emergency situations via Internet.
    • Local
    • National
    • International
  • Reduce the risk of mass casualties
    • Timely means to notify building occupants of threats
    • What should be done in response to those threats.
notify ip mass notification3
NOTIFY-IP™ Mass Notification
  • All command and voice messages are encrypted for security purposes
  • ONYXWorks can be used for general building paging through the fire alarm speakers
notify ip mass notification4
NOTIFY-IP™ Mass Notification
  • NOTIFY-IP™ applications
    • Large manufacturing facilities
    • Corporations with multiple facilities
    • Government buildings
      • Department of Defense (bases) (UFC-4-021-01)
      • Department of State (embassies)
notify ip mass notification5
NOTIFY-IP™ Mass Notification
  • If one Control Center needs to be evacuated, mass notification messages can be sent from alternate sites
  • Typical applications require multiple Control Centers for system integrity
    • Primary Control Center
    • Backup (Secondary) Control Center
  • Typical applications require multiple network communication interfaces for system integrity per Control Center
    • Primary network communication interface
    • Backup (secondary) network communication interface
notify ip mass notification6
NOTIFY-IP™ Mass Notification
  • ONYXWorks is the primary communications interface
  • Delivers and receives live voice messages over IP
notify ip mass notification7
NOTIFY-IP™ Mass Notification
  • Multiple network IP connections can be made per ONYXWorks for paging to multiple sites
  • Each network IP connection is continuously monitored for system integrity
notify ip mass notification8
NOTIFY-IP™ Mass Notification
  • Paging zones are created at the ONYXWorks workstation and allow for a one-time setup for mass notification
  • Multiple paging zones can be created for the same site
    • Entire Building
    • East Wing
    • West Wing
    • Etc.
notify ip mass notification9
NOTIFY-IP™ Mass Notification
  • “Detailed Events”
    • Verify Speaker and Zone Activation