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4-Miler course start/finish area

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4-Miler course start/finish area - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4-Miler course start/finish area. N. Pointing down the canal, southeasterly, on the right hand side. Actual start/finish between first two cottonwood trees. Approaching first bridge (1000 meters). Careful as waterway narrows for bridge abutments. Entering Lake Union.

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4-Miler course start/finish area


Pointing down the canal, southeasterly, on the right hand side.

Actual start/finish between first two cottonwood trees


Approaching first bridge (1000 meters)

Careful as waterway narrows for bridge abutments


Entering Lake Union

Approaching first turn (right)


Entering Lake Union

Check out the wind direction and velocity on this windsock. This will affect water conditions appropriately.


Heading south on Lake Union

Looking toward downtown


Speed Buoys

Two of these buoys are to your immediate left at this point


Approaching the south end

AGC Building. Gold letters clearly visible.


Approaching the south end

Large red “can” buoy now becoming visible. It is immediately opposite the AGC building


Approaching the south end turn

Red buoy fully visible, but don’t initiate your turn too soon.


In the south end (left hand) turn

Approach the red buoy passing to the right of it


In the south end turn

This is the apex (farthest point) of the south end turn – view is on the port side looking north


Ending the south end turn

Still viewing the buoy on your port side but your bow will be pointing north


Heading to the north turn

There is a single white apartment building that is built over the water, aim generally towards it or between the only two tall buildings visible


Heading to the north turn

It is a straight shot to the north turn, do NOT follow the circumference of the lake at the south end


Heading to the north turn

As you get closer you’ll start steering slightly left of the apartments and the tall buildings to set up for the turn


Heading to the north turn

Note on the way into this area you’ll be passing two more small yellow speed buoys on your port side. Note also that the commercial waterway traffic like this has the right of way. You will be crossing the traffic pattern in this turn.


Heading into the north turn

The beginning of the north turn is marked by this sailboat dock (note masts) that protrudes out farther than any other dock. White sign on the end of it.


Heading into the north turn

At this point you can start turning towards the right side of the green metal “can” buoy at the north end by Gasworks Park.


In the north turn

This is one of the most hazardous portions, make sure you yield if necessary as you are crossing the traffic pattern.


In the north turn

Pass to the right of the green buoy, between it and the Gasworks wall.


Completing the north turn

Passing the buoy is the end of the north turn, you should be pointed appropriately once you pass it and heading straight towards the bridge opening. The powerline tower is a good object to point towards AFTER you pass the buoy.


Exiting the north turn

From here it is a straight shot to the canal opening but aim for the smaller draw bridge or powerline tower


Approaching the bridges

Do NOT follow the contour of the waterway here, it opens up to the right. If you do, you will row farther and potentially collide with club rowers launching from LWRC docks.


Through the bridges

Careful as it narrows significantly here. Watch the canal wall on the right but stay on the right side under the bridge.

Bridge/waterway centerline


Into the canal

View from under the bridge. 1000 meters to go. It opens up a bit so move to the right side of the waterway.

Note the powerline tower alignment


500 Meters to go

This flag is off port side and it is the 500 meter mark.


Nearing the finish

The finish, same as the start, is the last two large cottonwood trees near the SPU dock. There should be a flagger.


The finish

As always, stay to the right, and row through the finish, do NOT stop until the entire boat is well past the line. DO NOT impede finishers behind you, row on.

Start/Finish line

Racing traffic!

Do NOT stop here

Finishing traffic