Preparing the first draft of your rhetorical analysis essay
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Week 9: Preparing for Draft 1.1 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparing the First Draft of Your Rhetorical Analysis Essay. Week 9: Preparing for Draft 1.1. Goals for Today. Review Structure of Rhetorical Analysis Essay Analyze the structure of graded samples Analyze successes and shortcomings of these samples

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Week 9: Preparing for Draft 1.1

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Preparing the First Draft of Your Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Week 9: Preparing forDraft 1.1

Goals for Today

  • Review Structure of Rhetorical Analysis Essay

  • Analyze the structure of graded samples

  • Analyze successes and shortcomings of these samples

  • Activity - Analyze what is effective and what needs to be improved in your own drafts

Does your Draft include these elements and follow this structure?

Reviewing Structure

Keep in Mind

  • The structure provided is a rough guide meant to give you an idea of what should be included in a rhetorical analysis essay and, more or less, in which order it should be arranged. As long as all of the necessary elements are present, variations are possible and encouraged.

  • We will review the structures introduced last week and see how they are used in graded samples.

Structure of aRhetorical Analysis Essay

  • Introduction

    • Context and Thesis

  • First Body Paragraph

    • First Rhetorical Choice

  • Second Body Paragraph

    • Second Rhetorical Choice

  • Third Body Paragraph

    • Third Rhetorical Choice

  • Conclusion

    • Summary of Overall Analysis

Introduction: Structure in Detail

  • Context for Discussion

  • (2-4 Sentences)

  • Identification of Text, Author, and Main Point of Text

  • (1-2 Sentences)

  • Identification of Audience and Purpose

  • (1-2 Sentences)

  • Thesis

  • (1-2 Sentences)

Body Paragraph: Structure in Detail

  • Topic sentence (introduction of choice)

  • Definition of rhetorical choice

  • Context sentence for first quote

  • Quote integrated into a sentence(the quote must include an example of the choice that will be discussed)

  • Analysis of choice (in terms of how it affects the audience and furthers the author's purpose)

  • Context sentence for second sentence

  • Second quote integrated into sentence

  • Analysis of choice in second quote

  • Concluding sentence

Structure of Analysis

  • After the integrated quote you should discuss the following before moving on to the next quote:

    • How does the choice in the quote affect the audience?

    • Does the use of the choice appeal to ethos(authority, credentials, morals), pathos(feelings), or logos(logic)? If so, how?

    • How does using the choice (and the appeal it causes) help the author convince the audience to act upon the issue he or she presents(purpose)?

    • Why does it affect that particular audience?

  • This is the analysis of the rhetorical choice.

Conclusion: Structure in Detail

  • Restate Main Point(s) of Text

  • Restate Thesis

  • Briefly Summarize Analysis of Rhetorical Choices

  • Conclude by briefly discussing

    • whether or not the use of the three choices was effective and

    • how the three choices worked together to persuade the audience and help the author achieve his purpose

Examining Structure

What is effective?

What needs to be improved?

Graded Student Samples


  • Groups of Two

    • Exchange Drafts

  • Please use the checklist I handed out to analyze your partner’s rough draft:

    • Examine the structure of your partner’s draft

    • I will walk around the room answering questions

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