leadership in congress
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Leadership In Congress

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Leadership In Congress. Members of Government and their assigned jobs. UEQ and LEQ. UEQ: How does the Legislative Branch govern in an effective manner? LEQ 1: Who are the different leaders within the House and Senate? What are their main jobs? LEQ 2: How does a bill become a law?. Vocabulary.

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leadership in congress

Leadership In Congress

Members of Government and their assigned jobs.

ueq and leq
  • UEQ: How does the Legislative Branch govern in an effective manner?
  • LEQ 1: Who are the different leaders within the House and Senate? What are their main jobs?
  • LEQ 2: How does a bill become a law?
  • Speaker of The House
  • President Pro Tempore
  • Vice President
  • Majority/Minority Floor Leaders
  • PA Representatives
  • PA Senators
  • Filibuster
  • Cloture
  • Bill
  • Veto/Pocket Veto
warm up think pair share
Warm Up: Think-Pair-Share
  • Consider the types of issues that Congress has to deal with, during different times through out the year.
  • First: Write down at least three types of issues that you think Congress has to deal with yearly.
  • Second: Open your book to page 222, read over, “Debating the Issues” and answer “Draw Conclusions,” and answer in your own opinion on whether the Internet should be regulated or not?
  • Third: Why do you think Congress must deal with so many issues?
  • Fourth: Pair up and share your answers.
computer activity
Computer Activity
  • 25 minute mini-web quest.
  • With a partner grab one laptop, log on, and go on the Internet.
  • Using the “Leadership in Congress” sheet that I have handed out to you, I want you to find out which people currently control the positions listed on the sheet.
  • Google is the best sight to search for the positions.
speaker of the house
Speaker of The House

Current Speaker: Nancy Pelosi

Speaker is the presiding officer of the House.

Chosen by the controlling party.

Main job is to decide how business will be carried out and who will speak.

Second job is to decide what bills are sent out for discussion and votes.

president of the senate
President of The Senate

Former President: Richard Cheney

Virtually no power

In charge of leading discussion sessions.

Cannot take part in debates

Can only vote to break a tie

president of the senate1
President of the Senate

Current President of Senate: Joe Biden

president pro tempore
President Pro Tempore

Current President: Robert byrd

Controls senate when vice president is away.

Has more say than vice president during bill debates and voting on Bills.

majority floor leaders house vs senate
Majority Floor Leaders (House vs. Senate)

House: Steny H. Hoyer

Senate: Harry Reid

  • The leading party in each branch of Congress is controlled by a Floor Leader.
    • Second most important officer in both houses.
    • Help guide bills through all of Congress.
    • Work hard to get both parties to compromise and agree with trade-offs.
minority floor leaders house vs senate
Minority Floor Leaders (House vs. Senate)

House: John Boehner

Senate: Mitch McConnell

  • The party which has the fewest members is controlled by the Minority Floor Leader.
    • Third most important officer in both Houses.
    • Work together with majority leaders to guide bills through Congress.
    • Try to influence party decisions on things they disagree with to get them stopped.
pa representatives
PA Representatives

York: Todd Platts

Berks: Joe Pitts

pa senators
PA Senators

Bob Casey

Arlen Specter

how a bill does not become law
How a Bill does NOT become Law

Bushism 911

Watch this short clip carefully, how does a bill not become a law???

going from a bill to a law school house rock style school house rock
The road from introducing a bill to it actually becoming a law is a long and difficult journey.

Where did the bills journey begin???

What did the representative do to get Congress to make it a bill???

According to the Bill, what do Congressmen do in a committee???

Why might a bill die???

What can the President do???

Going From a Bill to a Law: School House Rock Style (School House Rock)
you figure it out
You Figure It Out
  • Each group will be given a manila folder with a series of 16 slips and a direction sheet.
  • One member from each group will read over the direction sheet.
  • After reading the directions, working in groups order the unorganized 16 slips into the proper order for how a bill becomes law.
  • Discuss the order of the slips with your group members, remember think how you would have a bill become a law, what makes the most sense as far as ordering the steps.
key words
Key Words
  • Bill
    • Statement or proposal to change something
    • Not a law when introduced into Congress
key words1
Key Words
  • Committee
    • Group that makes decisions and makes changes
    • Works together to solve problems
    • Decisions made represent all people
key words2
Key Words
  • Veto
    • President has the power to use a veto
    • President can use a veto to stop a bill from becoming a law
key words3
Key Words
  • Pocket Veto
    • President’s power to stop a bill from becoming law
    • Congress is not meeting and a President did not sign a bill into law, the bill is vetoed
steps for a bill to become a law
Steps for a Bill to become a Law
  • Bill is introduced (by citizen, President or an interest group) then sent to a Representative or Senator who introduces bill in Congress.
  • Bill is sent to a specific committee in both houses, for discussion, changes, and to be voted on.
  • Bill is sent back to both House and Senate for final votes, if voted on Bill is sent to the President.
  • President gets bill and can sign it into law or can veto it (stop it) and send it back to Congress.
  • President could also pocket veto bill (doesn’t do anything and bill doesn’t becomes law)
  • If a vetoed bill is sent back to Congress, Congress overturns veto with a 2/3’s vote, bill becomes a national law.
exit ticket
Exit Ticket

Two Parts:

Explain in a paragraph the main jobs that the leaders of Congress have.

In your own words, explain in a paragraph how a bill becomes a law, in simple steps.