People search find an individual just using a first name
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People Search: Find an Individual Just Using a First Name - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking for someone but all you have is just a first name? That sounds a lot like trouble when it comes to People Search. Visit

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People search find an individual just using a first name

People Search: Find an IndividualJust Using a First Name

What else do you know
What else do you know?

  • A particular state or city, zip code or street name or even contact number, these information is also helpful on your People Search

Sensible and realistic
Sensible and Realistic

  • Keep in mind that if the name that you are looking for is unusual and few people might have such name then there is a bigger chance of finding the individual when conducting a People Search

The use of google
The use of Google

  • Before trying out any procedure, using the individual's first name together with any other data you know about him/her, look it up on Google first

Specialized people search tools
Specialized People Search Tools

  • While there are some tools you can use when it comes to People Search, it will still ask for the last name. Fortunately, there are sites which allow first name only, for example you know about the school they've attended; an online student index



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