barcelona march 2005 international sales services meeting
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Barcelona – March 2005 International Sales & Services Meeting

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Barcelona – March 2005 International Sales & Services Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Barcelona – March 2005 International Sales & Services Meeting. Technical Overview. The Structure. Everest - Bpm Unified Solution. The Structure. Business Logic SQL Server 2000. Strong benefit to have the RDMS tightly integrated with MOLAP (Analysis Services)

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Presentation Transcript

The Structure

Everest - Bpm Unified Solution


The Structure

Business Logic

SQL Server 2000

  • Strong benefit to have the RDMS tightly integrated with MOLAP (Analysis Services)
  • Using this open technology we can use backup procedure, jobs, log files and all features related to SQL 2000
  • Three-tier architecture is fully supported
Database server (SQL server)

Analysis Services Server (OLAP server)

File Server (Web-folders)

Web Server (Applications servers)

Type of service

SQL server database

No components installed on this level

Store data

Good maintenance of SQL database is doing the performances to be high

Software required SQL server (Enterprise Edition not required)


Multidimensional database; at this level we are keeping the calculate data

AppSet = OLAP database

Application = Cube

Aggregation into cube means improve the performances

Software – SQL Server Enterprise Edition Required

OLAP Server


Local Groups

Be careful!

No solution in case of fail over (problems is the local groups)

Security for each folder and file

No addition software is required

File Server

Application server

Installation of COM components

Configuration of IIS

Windows 2003 settings (Installation Guide and Installation Best Practices)


Check Diagnostic before to do installation

Attention of PTS installation

On client site it will be good to have always the last version of MDAC and PTS

Everest Client

Everest client is connected in the same time to web server and also to OLAP server

Communications Everest Client – Web server is done via HTTP or HTTPS (using ports 80 or 443)

Communications between Everest Client and OLAP server is done transparent or HTTP/HTTPS (using port 2725 or 80/443)

Once which you have in place HTTPS for web server you will have the same communications also with OLAP server

Connections and Communications

Memory allocation

Locks into database

Jobs to do backup of database (recommendation to archive the mdf and log file not to do normal backup)

Check the index for dim tables and index for fact tables

Send data is slow (is missing index for one of fact tables)

Retrieve data is slow OLAP processors is 100% all the time or to many rows into WB table (more than 50 000 records)

SQL Server-Checklist

Maximum member for Level

Memory conservation threshold

For each dimension you have to check the member count to be smaller than Maximum member and number of each level should be bigger than precedent level

OLAP – Checklist

Be careful about users rights!

Everyone should have access to Everest folder

File Server

Settings for Time out

Settings for Applications Pools for windows 2003

Check the metabase.xml for windows 2003

ASP BufferingLimit


Web Server

Lock of OLAP can be caused by HTTP connection

90% of database Lock are caused because of custom DTS (writing into WB table) or administrative tasks

Lock Database

Design of application has a big impact into performances

Impact at level of SQL and OLAP

DTS design impact at level of SQL

Security and dimensions design impact at level of OLAP

Application Design

Check the IIS log

Check the SQL log

Check Event Viewer of servers specially for OLAP server and Web-Server

What cause the stop?