Anabolic steroids
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ANABOLIC STEROIDS. By Austin Icaza and Kyle Hamblen. What are They?. Anabolic Steroids are drug derived from synthetic testosterone, a natural male hormone that are used to enhance performance. How do they work? Do they?. Yes steroids work very well.

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By Austin Icaza and Kyle Hamblen

What are They?

  • Anabolic Steroids are drug derived from synthetic testosterone, a natural male hormone that are used to enhance performance.

How do they work? Do they?

  • Yes steroids work very well.

  • The anabolic agents in steroids create a increase in retention of Nitrogen, causing an increase in the growth of muscle.

  • They can be orally taken in a pill form, injected directly into muscle, or rubbed on muscle in a cream form.

Good Side Effects

  • Increase in Muscle size

  • Increase in lean muscle mass

  • Ability to train more intensely for longer periods of time

  • Better Physical Appearance

  • Placebo Effect


Reduced Sperm Count

Infertility (Long term)

Shrinking of Testicles

High Blood Pressure

Fluid Retention

Development of breasts

Increased Facial Hair

Liver Damage (orally)






Increased Facial Hair


Irregular Menstruation Cycles

Deep Voice



Negative Side Effects



  • Males especially at our age produce plenty of natural testosterone.

  • Overloading our bodies with it can make the body up the estrogen which can lead to some of the negative side effects.

  • Most common used Steroid in athletics today.

  • Biggest gains in muscle mass and size.

  • Injections or orally taken

  • Very Long life (oil based)


  • AKA: Winstrol

  • Still legal in pill form

  • Cutting Agent

  • Increases Lean Muscle mass

  • Can also be injected

  • Short life (Water Based)

  • Used sometimes to promote fat loss and muscle gain.


Less detection time

Harder on liver and kidneys

Fat soluble


Longer detection time

Liver and kidneys not affected

Injected into muscle and spread throughout body

Oral vs. Injection


  • Stacking- When people take either other steroids or other substances to maximize the effects of the steroid and minimize the bad side effects of the steroid.

  • Doesn’t always minimize negative effects

  • Efficient for Bulking and increasing the maximum amount of mass in the least time possible.

Long Term

  • HIV

  • CV Disease

  • Serious Injury (post cycle)

  • Irreversible liver damage

  • Infertility

  • Gynecomastia


  • Development of breasts in males.

  • Expensive procedure to fix.

  • Not just caused by steroids but the use of steroids will greatly increase a person risk of getting Gynecomastia

Are Steroids Worth It?

  • After you consider the risks and side effects that are involved the negatives greatly out weigh the positives.





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