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Synapse Directions. From the Desktop select the Synapse icon. When Synapse opens. This is the screen you will see. Double click of the Synapse link. Next Select your Folder. Typically, this will be ‘All Recent Studies’ which will cover the last seven days

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Synapse directions
Synapse Directions

  • From the Desktop select the Synapse icon

When synapse opens
When Synapse opens

  • This is the screen you will see.

  • Double click of the Synapse link

Next select your folder
Next Select your Folder

  • Typically, this will be ‘All Recent Studies’ which will cover the last seven days

  • If you are looking for older data select ‘All Studies’

From all recent studies
From ‘All Recent Studies’

  • Double click on the study you want to open

  • Once open you can scroll through the acquired images

  • You can search any

    of the columns by

    inputting the search


Annotating images
Annotating Images

  • On your selected image, right click the mouse to get the Annotation screen

    • To the right you see the options

  • Highlight the option you want

  • When you leave the study you will be prompted to save the changes, answer yes to save them (you can turn them off later)

Annotating options
Annotating Options

  • The arrow option should be used for labeling.

  • It allows you drag an arrow and then opens a text book for labeling.

Annotating options1
Annotating Options

  • To get density values, again right click and select density value

  • An ‘eyedropper’ icon appears and can be moved by the mouse

  • When you left click the density value appears

    • NOTE: the density value DOES NOT remain on the image.

Moving between studies on the same patient
Moving between Studies on the same Patient

  • From the image screen select the ‘Power Jacket’ icon

  • You will then see a list of studies you can select to view

Printing from synapse
Printing from Synapse

  • On the image again right click and select the Print option

  • Select Printer; \\OCCSDFS\

  • Under Print Scope select visible images

  • Under Print Layout select Print as Displayed

Saving from synapse
Saving From Synapse

  • Right click and select Copy to Clipboard

  • Open Paint from the Start button

  • From File on the Toolbar

    select ‘Save As’, find your

    drive, change file format to

    jpeg and name the file.

    Press the ‘Save’ button