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On- Airport Proposals. Process and Information Needed To Evaluate An Impact to Navigable Airspace By: Sharon Perry OE/AAA Specialist, Eastern Region (718-553-3341). NRA?. This has absolutely nothing to do with the organization that deals with fire arms !!

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On- Airport Proposals

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On- Airport Proposals

Process and Information Needed To Evaluate An Impact to Navigable Airspace

By: Sharon Perry

OE/AAA Specialist, Eastern Region



This has absolutely nothing to do with the organization that deals with fire arms !!

  • It’s the FAA’s identification of an aeronautical airspace study for Proposed Construction or Alteration ON an airport.

  • It stands for Non-Rule Making Airports, which means that there is no publication in the federal register

  • Coordinated by the Airports Division. For federally obligated airports the ADOs will coordinate cases. For other airports, the Regional Office will coordinate cases

Forms that could be used

  • 7480-1: Used to notify the FAA of the establishment, activation/deactivation, change of status, or alteration of a landing area. Example: ALP Update

  • 7460-1: Notice of proposed construction or alteration. Used to notify the FAA of construction activities without changing the geometry of the landing area. Examples; Hanger, safety and phasing plans

  • Check with your ADO for requirement on using these forms. Some of them only require a transmittal letter. Most ADOs require 7460-1 form

Submitted on FAA Form 7480-1

  • The establishment activation or deactivation of a private/public facility; change of status of an airport, heliport, seaplane base and, yes, even an ultra light is submitted on a 7480-1.

  • For new airports, send sketch to verify location, orientation, length and width

FAA 7480-1 drawing of the facility

  • So we have a “clue” of what this private use or public use airport, heliport, seaplane base looks like, we need a layout sketch (hand drawn is fine). After we receive it, the information is placed into the iOE/AAA data system and assigned an NRA # for its study. Internal FAA coordination must be completed before a “Letter of Determination” can go out to the proponent.

Submitted on FAA Form 7460-1

  • The FAA Form 7460-1 may be used for ON-Airport projects (check with your ADO). Find the FAA Airports Regional/District Office having jurisdiction over the airport on which the construction is located, and file to that address. *For Federally Obligated airports the 7460-1 Form must be submitted to the ADO by, or through, the Airport Sponsor.

  • To download forms go to: www.faa.gov/airports_airtraffic/airports/construction

Airports Division Action

  • Enter data into FAA internal system (iOE/AAA)

  • An NRA number is assigned

  • Airports Division verifies information

  • iOE/AAA notify appropriate FAA divisions of the case for their review

  • After all comments are received, the Airports Division sends a consolidated response to the sponsor.

More on Federally Obligated Airports

  • On Federally Obligated airports the proposed development MUST BE consistent with the approved Airport Layout Plan (ALP) for the airport. If it is not a “Pen & Ink” change to the ALP is required. Contact your ADO Project Manager or Planner for specific requirements.

  • On Federally Obligated airports a Federal environment determination is required for all development. Check with the ADO’s Environmental Specialist to determine specific requirements.

Still More……

  • The requirements for ALP consistency and environmental determination apply whether the proposed development is Federally funded or not.

Needed Information

  • Proponent general information: name, telephone number, address etc..

  • Description of proposal

  • Location of proposal: Longitude, Latitude, elevation. Identify NAD used (27 or 83). Airport Manager MUST verify information submitted

  • Material of proposal (steel, concrete, etc..)

  • Temporary or permanent?

  • Schedule start of construction

Location Information

  • Depending the source of information used to determine the Lat/Long and elevation of the proposal, the FAA (NYFPO) will add a safety factor. This source is known as Accuracy Code

  • The accuracy code will place the location a distance closer to the runway and an higher elevation

Accuracy Code

  • If you use a Quad Chart to calculate your coordinates the Accuracy Code will be 4D

  • If you use an ALP 2B

  • If you use an OC Chart 1A

  • If you used a licensed surveyor

  • 1A For 405 survey or,

  • 2 C for other surveys

  • If you used a hand held GPS 2C



8260.19C Appendix 2


The FAA needs to know the scope of the project: What is being proposed, the type of structure/material i.e. glare study (glass=reflections) concrete/steel, and will there be interference etc.

Line-of-sight shadow study would then be carried out then.

Temporary or permanent?

The Study Process

  • FAA Internal Coordination

  • All Divisions respond

  • Reason: Each division has its own “SPECIAL EXPERTISE” and its “specialist” to evaluate these proposals.

  • That division will compile a full evaluation

  • After one response has been compiled with all its collaborations, it is sent out.

Determination Letter for the 7480-1 for New Airports

A Letter of Determination (generated through the iOE/AAA System), is sent to the proponent with an FAA Form 5010-5, which he or she fills out and returns to the specialist.

Copies of the 7480-1, the completed 5010-5 from the proponent, and the Letter of Determination are sent to AAS-330 for processing LOCID and FAA Site #. *Should you want to upgrade your non-fed airport from VFR to IFR, you will need that LOCID and FAA Site #.

Consolidated Response to 7460-1 or 7480-1 for Existing Airports

  • It is in the form of “Objection, No Objection or Conditional No Objection” as oppose to an OE which used “Hazard” language

  • May include additional coordination requirement: Examples: local FAA offices

  • No time frame is established

Airport Airspace Analysis

If you have any questions, please call me

Sharon Perry, OE/AAA Specialist @ 718-553-3341

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