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Photography . Colby Gust . Camera Obscura. Camera = Latin for “room” Obscura = Latin for “dark”.

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Colby Gust

Camera Obscura

Camera = Latin for “room”

Obscura = Latin for “dark”

The earliest mention of this type of device was by the Chinese philosopher Mo-Ti (5th century BC). He formally recorded the creation of an inverted image formed by light rays passing through a pinhole into a darkened room. He called this darkened room a "collecting place" or the "locked treasure room."

1816 NicephoreNiepce makes a crude wood camera fitted with a microscope lens.

1840 Alexander S. Wolcott.invented a Daguerreotype camera that used a telescope-like mirror instead of a lens to concentrate light on the photographic plate. Wolcott licensed his camera design to a certain Richard Beard, who opened the first portrait studio in Europe. This design is also important because it is considered to be the first American photographic patent.

1849 Sir David Brewster introduces a refracting lenticular stereoscope using convex lenses instead of mirrors. This was a significant improvement over Wheatstones invention of stereography. It was a portable box-type stereoscope. On the left is the orginal design and on the right a modern version.

1853 Thomas Ottewill creates a compact folding Camera intended for the military. This was one of the first compact folding cameras ever made.

1888 Eastman patents Kodak roll-film camera.

1913/1914 First 35mm still camera developed.

1960 EG&G develops extreme depth underwater camera for U.S. Navy.

1963 Polaroid introduces instant color film.

1973 Polaroid introduces one-step instant photography with the SX-70 camera.

1984Canon demonstrates first digital electronic still camera.

2001- Sony's New Cyber-Shot Line Continues Advancement Of Quality, Style And Performance

Canon IXY digital

Eastman Kodak Company announced a new family of cameras EASYSHARE

Kodak produced its first pocket camcorder Zi6

What is a good photo? What is a bad photo?

This is a bad photo because it isn’t very clear.

This is a good picture because it is clear and it is focusing on the main object.

This is a good photo because it is clear and clorful

This is a good photo because it was taken from the sky and it is till clear.

This is a good photo because the colors flow nicely together.

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