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D. A and B

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D. A and B - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Click the Correct Choice. ICD Codes are. A. Service codes. B. Procedure codes. C. Diagnosis codes. D. A and B. Sorry, that is Incorrect. Try Again. Congratulations, that is Correct!.

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Click the Correct Choice

ICD Codes are

A. Service codes

B. Procedure codes

C. Diagnosis codes

D. A and B


Congratulations, that is Correct!

ICD Stands for International Classification of Diseases. ICD codes are diagnosis codes. CPT codes are service codes. Both diagnosis and service codes must be identified for billing purposes.



Click the Correct Choice

CPT codes include codes for

A. Evaluation and management

B. Anesthesia

C. Procedures

D. All the above


Congratulations, that is Correct!

CPT codes include 6 main sections:

00100 - 01999 Anesthesia

10040 - 69999 Surgery

70010 - 79999 Radiology

80002 - 89399 Pathology and Laboratory

90700 - 99199 Medicines

99201 - 99499 Evaluation and Management

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Click the Correct Choice

In common usage, the term "HCPCS" codes (pronounced "hic-pics") really refers to

A. Level 1 HCPCS codes, relating to physician services

B. Level 2 HCPCS codes, relating to non-physician healthcare services

C. CPT codes

D. ICD codes


Congratulations, that is Correct!

The federal HCPCS system comprises both level 1 codes (physician service CPT codes) and Level 2 codes (DMEPOS and ambulance codes).

Level 1 codes are simply called CPT codes.

Level 2 codes are simply called HCPCS codes.

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Click the Correct Choice

"Medical Necessity" is

A. Determined based on the diagnosis submitted

B. A major determination for appropriate payment

C. The rationale for linking ICD and CPT codes

D. All of the above


Congratulations, that is Correct!

Recall the CMS description of medical necessity:

"Medical necessity is determined based on the diagnosis submitted for that service or supply. Specificity and accuracy of diagnosis code and appropriate linkage on the claim form determine payment.”

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Click the Correct Choice

ICD-10 CM codes will contain

A. 3-5 digits

B. 6-7 digits

C. 5 alphanumeric characters

D. 7 alphanumeric characters


Congratulations, that is Correct!

The ICD-10 CM coding set will expand from a maximum of 5 characters to 7, resulting in greatly increased numbers of codes and options for specificity.

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Click the Correct Choice

In ICD-9-CM, V Codes are

A. CPT modifier codes

B. Preventive service codes

C. Preventive diagnosis codes

D. HCPCS level 2 codes


Congratulations, that is Correct!

V codes are part of the ICD diagnosis code set. CPT codes are service codes, and HCPCS level 2 codes are the DMEPOS and ambulance codes.

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