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2. Networks. Pilot networks started within the framework for promoting the use of ICT in school education in 1997A new action under Socrates II (2000-2006)A transversal action supplementing and supporting Comenius 1

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Comenius 3

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1. 1 Comenius 3 Comenius networks

2. 2 Networks Pilot networks started within the framework for promoting the use of ICT in school education in 1997 A new action under Socrates II (2000-2006) A transversal action supplementing and supporting Comenius 1 & 2

3. 3 Objectives Encouraging the networking of Comenius projects on subjects of common interest Promoting European co-operation and innovation in school education in various thematic areas

4. 4 Dual roles A platform to assist Comenius actors to strengthen and provide lasting co-operation exchanging information and experiences, promoting new projects, disseminating project results, keeping in touch with finished projects, cooperation with other networks ... A forum for promoting educational innovation and best practices in the thematic area concerned comparative analysis, case studies, reports and recommendations, conferences and seminars...

5. 5 Themes (1/4) Priorities of Comenius Transversal to areas addressed by school partnerships and educational staff training projects Publication of indicative themes (Call for proposals 2003) Regular updating

6. 6 Themes (2/4) 13 priority thematic areas Themes particularly related to European dimension in school education European citizenship European cultural heritage

7. 7 Themes (3/4) Themes particularly related to curriculum and cross-curriculum Learning of languages, Educational use of information and communication technologies, Environmental education Art education and the stimulation of creativity Intercultural education

8. 8 Themes (4/4) Themes particularly related to quality and achievement in schools Evaluation of quality in school education Raising levels of school achievement Schools and the world of work Combating violence in schools Education of specific target groups (children of migrant workers, travellers, Gypsies, occupational travellers, pupils at risk of social exclusion and pupils with special educational needs)

9. 9 Structure 1st level : network co-ordinator + partners will submit a project proposal to the Commission if successful, will sign a contract for running the network 2nd level: informal and/or formal network members persons and institutions participating in current Comenius projects, in finished Comenius projects or engaged in initiating new Comenius projects persons and institutions wishing to promote European co-operation and educational innovation in the relevant thematic area

10. 10 Funding Available for up to 3 years with the possibility of multi-annual contract 2001: Up to 75% of project total cost (50.000 to 150.000 per year as indicative amount ) Available for Preparatory visits (decentralised)

11. 11 Some statistics - 2003 2002 selection round 19 pre proposals selected 18 complete proposals 5 projects approved = 28% success rate 22 out of 30 countries are involved average partnership: 26 average funding awarded: 379.963 61,5% of project costs funded

12. 12 Eligible activities Activities to facilitate and enhance European co-operation Activities to promote educational innovation Activities related to project co-ordination and management

13. 13 Eligible activities -minimum request Organizing one thematic conference/seminar per year aimed at the participation of Comenius project partners and open to all interested Establishing a Internet Web site and other appropriate tools to support information exchange and dissemination Publishing an annual report on the state of the innovation in the relevant thematic area Informing the Comenius Community about the events and activities proposed, through appropriate means (National agencies, Internet) Participating in an annual meeting of project co-ordinators organized by the European Commission

14. 14 Funding for participation in network activities All Comenius actors are encouraged to participate in the activities organized by Comenius networks For running projects, cost of participation can be funded under the project budget For finished projects, their participation can be funded by the Network budget For institutions which intend to set up new projects, the cost can be covered by Prepatory visits

15. 15 Partnerships Composed of at least 6 organizations from 6 different countries All types of educational institutions, public or private bodies interested eligible under Comenius: universities, teacher training institutions, education authorities, research centers, associations...

16. 16 Quality criteria (1/4) The relevance of the network proposed a sound analysis on the state of educational innovation in the relevant field, key players, developments in Comenius 1 & 2, a demonstration of the potential impact of the network in terms of enhancing the quality of education and promoting innovation in the field concerned good European added value

17. 17 Quality criteria (2/4) The quality of the partnership Strong interest of partners in setting up and maintaining such a network Capacity, expertise and experience of partners, and in particular, the coordinator, in relation to the work proposed, including those involved in the creation and animation of a network based on the use of Internet Balanced representation in terms of countries, regions and types of institutions

18. 18 Quality criteria (3/4) A convincing development strategy defining how to extend the network over time in terms of themes, geographic areas, types of activities, types of institutions involved, how to ensure sustainability beyond Community financing

19. 19 Quality criteria (4/4) Well designed work plan with clear description of activities, division of tasks amongst partners and timetable Effective management structure Relevance and quality of the resources proposed Justified financial plan

20. 20 Two phase selection procedure 01/11/2002: Submission of pre-proposals 01/01/2003: Invitation to those pre-selected 01/03/2003: Submission of full-proposals 01/09/2003: Work starts

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