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#___:Who Am I ? (title) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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#___:Who Am I ? (title). Distinctive Landforms of Africa in Photos. 1. I am the highest mountain in Africa and am located in Tanzania. Who am I?. 2. I am one of the oldest deserts in the world and am located in Namibia. Who am I?.

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#___:Who Am I ? (title)

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#___:Who Am I? (title)

Distinctive Landforms of Africa in Photos

1. I am the highest mountain in Africa and am located in Tanzania.Who am I?

2. I am one of the oldest deserts in the world and am located in Namibia.Who am I?

3. I am the longest river in the world, and although I am also located in Sudan, my most fertile banks are located in Egypt.Who am I?

4. I am the Ouzoud Falls, part of a rugged mountainous area on the Mediterranean Sea. I am located in Morocco.Of which mountain range am I a part?

5. I am the largest waterfall in the world and am located in Zimbabwe on the Zambezi River.Who am I?

6. I am a cape located in the southwest of Africa and am located in South Africa. Who am I?

7. The origin of the Orange River is here, and my highest peaks are located almost entirely in Lesotho.Who am I?

8. I am located in southern Africa, and the vast majority of me is located in Botswana.Who am I?

Sulfur, salt, and other minerals color the crater of Dallol, a volcano in the hottest place on Earth, Ethiopia's Danakil Depression. At 157 feet (48 meters) below sea level, Dallol is also the world's lowest land volcano. 9. Divergent plates are responsible for creating me and many of the lakes in eastern Africa. What long valley am I?

10. Like the Amazon River, I am surrounded by tropical rain forest. I am located south of the Ubangi River.Who am I?

11. I am the largest desert in the world, so large that all of the continental U.S. could fit inside me. I am located in northern Africa.Who am I?

12. I am the longest & second deepest lake in the world, and four countries border me. Who am I?

Please write your answers next to each of the sentences in your notebook. Answer choices are (in alphabetical order because that’s just how I roll): Atlas Mtns.; Cape of Good Hope; Congo R.; Drakensberg; Great Rift Valley; Kalahari Desert; Lake Tanganyika; Mt. Kilimanjaro; Namib Desert; Nile R.; Sahara Desert; Victoria Falls

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