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Winnipeg Harvest is a non-profit, community based organization that is a food distribution & training center. Our goals are to collect and share surplus food with people who are hungry and to offer training opportunities to help people step up and out of poverty. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for food banks our community.

Winnipeg harvest was founded by Ms. Lee Newton. While watching a TV documentary detailing the sharing of surplus food with the hungry in New york City. Lee became inspired. Her passion to make a difference resulted in the founding of Winnipeg harvest but first opened doors in 1985.

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-Winnipeg Harvest assists 60,229 people each month approximately.

-They Transport the food or other necessities to the people in need using truck both regular and refrigerated. They deliver food to 358 agencies throughout Manitoba.

-Each day Winnipeg Harvest has between 100 to 200 volunteers.

-The only food items that Winnipeg Harvest must purchase is baby Formula. Through there initiative called “Hunger for Hope” they need to earn $200,000 each year to feed approximately 1600 babies a month.

Through other initiatives, mostly fundraisers Winnipeg Harvest raises money to assist with operational costs such as gasoline to run there trucks, the cost to heat there building, and payroll for there staff.

- Winnipeg Harvest is a really donation reliant organization they run fundraisers and accept donations from both individuals and corporation/groups.

Latest Events that are going to occur for fundraising purposes.

March 3, 2014

Operation Donation 2014

Across Manitoba every year in March schools from K-12 assist Winnipeg Harvest by collecting non-perishable food items, including, baby food, tuna, soup, canned vegetables, fruit and pasta.

December 14, 2013

Energy 106 & 100.7 FM present ‘Christmas For Everyone’

The Breeze 100.7 and Energy 106 are collecting cash donations & non-perishable food items for Winnipeg Harvest. Peak of the Market will match all food donations pound for pound.

How they reach put to the community?

They got known through there many initiatives, like fundraisers. Part of the building and maintaining there profile comes through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and there website. (

Training Oppurtunities-

In April of 2013 Winnipeg Harvest opened doors to a new training center. Training opportunities include: Safe Food Handling, Forklift driving, Computer Classes, Cooking Classes, Nutrition Classes, and Gardening.

I asked Winnipeg Harvest if they taught that this organization will be needed after ten years. They stated that “ The goal of Winnipeg Harvest has always been to one day be able to eliminate the need for food banks in our community and close doors. However, food bank usage has increased 48.8% since 2008 and It seems inlikely that food banks will be obsolete in the next 10 years”.

How does winnipeg Harvest know which places need most help?

Any individual requiring food assistance can call our call center and schedule and appointment. The call center will direct the caller to the food bank in their community, and will have food distributed and waiting for them at their neighborhood food bank. Winnipeg Harvest receives more then 400 calls each day?

Winnipeg harvest’s plans to improve the progress the progress of distribution towards people in need.

“Winnipeg Harvest are constantly evolving to meet demands and to adapt to a changing world. Through training programs it is our mandate to offer people a hand up and out of poverty”

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