The roaring twenties
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THE ROARING TWENTIES. CHAPTER 13.1-13.3 CHAPTER 14.1. Definition of Roaring Twenties:. Time of rapid change in American society Result of the industrialization, immigration and urbanization of the late 1800s and early 1900s

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The roaring twenties


CHAPTER 13.1-13.3


Definition of roaring twenties
Definition of Roaring Twenties:

  • Time of rapid change in American society

  • Result of the industrialization, immigration and urbanization of the late 1800s and early 1900s

  • Accelerated by World War One and its effect on the lives of millions

Conflict of the twenties
Conflict of the Twenties:

  • The 1920s brought a clash in values, moral, standards and beliefs between two groups

  • One group wanted to try to maintain TRADITIONAL VALUES

  • The other group wanted to move on with new MODERN VALUES

  • Occurred in all aspects of the nation

Warren g harding 1921 1923
Warren G. Harding (1921-1923)

  • “Return to Normalcy” Campaign Slogan in 1920 election

  • Easily won election by Americans who wanted life to return to pre-war stability in all areas

  • Scandal-ridden administration


Calvin coolidge 1923 1929
Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929)

  • Harding’s VP

  • Nicknamed “Silent Cal”

  • Restore the dignity and respect to the presidency

  • Emphasis on the economic aspects of the 1920s

Political tensions


Chapter 14.1

Results of wwi
Results of WWI

  • Rejection of the Versailles Treaty.

  • League of Nations- no involvement.

  • United States turned away from international affairs and focused on issues close to home.

  • No plan to help troops adjust to their return home.

  • Warren G. Harding becomes President

Republican policy
Republican Policy

  • Americans felt that Republicans were more likely to restore stability.

  • Dominated all three branches of government.

  • Favored business

  • Sought social stability

1 return to isolationism
#1 – Return to Isolationism

  • Fordney-McCumber Tariff

  • Washington Naval Conferences (disarmament)

  • Dawes Plan

  • Kellogg-Briand Pact

2 red scare
#2 – Red Scare

  • 2nd Russian Revolution (communism)

  • Return to Nativism

  • National Origins Act (immigration Quotas)

  • Violations of American Freedoms

    1. Schenck v. US

    2. Gitlow v. New York

    3. Palmer Raids

    4. Sacco and Vanzetti

  • Crackdown on Strikes and Unions decline (Coolidge quote)

Social tensions


Chapter 13.1

Chapter 13.2

Chapter 13.3

3 women
#3 – Women

  • 19th Amendment

  • Continued struggle for better job and educational opportunities

  • New styles

  • New behaviors

  • New attitudes

  • Moral crisis?

4 demographics
#4 - Demographics

  • 1920 – country more urban than rural

  • Growth of suburbs as transportation improved (who lived there?)

  • Great Migration continues

  • Changes in immigration – Mexican barrios

  • Conflict in values between rural and urban

5 mass media


Newspapers Chains



Talkies in 1927

More attendance


Features v. Feelings


KDKA in 1920 By 1929, 10 million radios in homes

Radio networks (NBC)

RESULT: development of a national culture

#5 Mass Media

6 national heroes

Fascination with heroes who showed traditional American values like bravery and modesty

Also fascination with heroes who met new challenges with new vitality


Charles Lindbergh

Amelia Earhart

Sports Heroes

- Jack Dempsey

- Jim Thorpe

- Babe Ruth

- Gertrude Ederle

(great increase in participation in sports by all Americans)

#6 – National Heroes

7 the arts jazz age
#7 – The Arts – “Jazz Age” values like bravery and modesty

  • New “American" music

  • Featured new sounds based on:

    1. improvisation

    2. syncopation

  • Born in the Delta region of Mississippi

  • Spread with the Great Migration from New Orleans to Chicago and New York City

Other artistic developments

LOST GENERATION values like bravery and modesty

Writers disillusioned by WWI

Reject materialism

Reject pop culture


Ernest Hemingway

F. Scott Fitzgerald


Major cultural center in 1920s

Not just Jazz but also literature


Langston Hughes

Countee Cullen

Other Artistic Developments

Painting . . . values like bravery and modesty

  • New artists also emerged to reflect the clash in values of the time

  • Edward Hopper

  • Georgia O’Keeffe

8 prohibition
#8 - Prohibition values like bravery and modesty

  • 18th Amendment

  • Volstead Act

  • Enforcement differences (rural v. urban)

  • Bootlegging

  • Speakeasies

  • Organized Crime

  • Al Capone in Chicago

9 racial tensions
#9 – Racial Tensions values like bravery and modesty

9 racial tensions1
#9 - Racial Tensions values like bravery and modesty

  • Moved for two reasons

    1. job opportunities

    2. escape southern violence

  • Red Summer – 1919

  • KKK Northern Revival (not just race)

  • NAACP grows

  • Garvey Movement (“Black is Beautiful”)

10 religion
#10 – Religion values like bravery and modesty

Clarence Darrow

  • Fundamentalism

  • Evolution

  • Scopes “Monkey” Trial (1925)

  • Rise of the Radio Preachers

    - Billy Sunday

William Jennings Bryan

Economic boom

ECONOMIC BOOM values like bravery and modesty

Economic boom1
Economic Boom values like bravery and modesty

  • Average wages rose

  • Increased spending by consumers:

  • Clever advertising, new products, lower costs, availability of credit.

Industrial growth
Industrial Growth values like bravery and modesty

  • Henry Ford- automobiles

    -“What Industries will be directly impacted by the growth of cars?

    -“What industries will be created because of the growth of cars?

  • Airline Industry

  • Electric Companies

  • Advertising