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The media iii
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The Media III. 12/7/2011. Clearly Communicated Learning Objectives in Written Form. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: discuss and critically analyze political events in the United States government

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The Media III

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The media iii

The Media III


Clearly communicated learning objectives in written form

Clearly Communicated Learning Objectives in Written Form

  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

    • discuss and critically analyze political events in the United States government

    • students will be able to identify and explain the role of  informal institutions and their effect on policy. 

Office hours and readings

Office Hours and Readings

  • Pp 130-151

  • Office Hours

    • Thursday: 9:00-11:30

Attack ads

Attack ads

The effect of attack ads on voters

The Effect of Attack ads on voters

  • Some voters become disenchanted and disaffected

  • Your Base Loves them!

How effective are these

How Effective are these

  • If they didn’t work, candidates wouldn’t run them

  • The Lessons of 1988

    • The Revolving Door

    • Willie Horton

Why they work and who uses them more

Why They Work and Who uses them more

  • We don’t trust politicians

  • They are more memorable and informative

  • Challengers and vulnerable incumbents use them

Do not give your opponent ammo

Do Not Give your Opponent Ammo

  • Never go to a Playboy Party

  • Don’t Drive a Tank with a big helmet

  • Gee, thanks a lot IKE

  • The Defining Sound bite of 2008

How to deal with them

How To Deal with them

  • Defend the Charges

    • Kerry Flip-Flopping on the issues

    • The Kerry  Rebuttal

  • Counterattack on the same issue or up the ante- The Puppy Ad

  • Attack the Credibility of your opponent

How not to deal with them

How not to deal with them

  • Do Nothing

    • The Initial Ad

    • Swiftboats

    • Kerry’s rebuttal to swiftboats?

  • If you get Punched in the nose, you must punch back

Ads can backfire

Ads Can Backfire

  • You do it too late to make a difference

  • You bring a knife to a gun fight

How the attack can backfire

How the attack can backfire

  • If you are seen as being too evil

Media bias

Media Bias

Media bias1

Media Bias

  • Everyone Complains about it

  • Structural Bias

  • Political Bias

Horse race coverage and bias

Horse Race Coverage and Bias

Media coverage in 2008

Media Coverage in 2008

Where it comes from

Where it Comes From

  • Bias to the Right

  • Bias to the Left

Corporations tend to be more conservative

Corporations tend to be More Conservative

Journalists tend to be liberal

Journalists Tend to be Liberal

Bias in 2008

Bias in 2008

  • 8 of 10 Journalists planned to vote for Obama

The reality of it all

The Reality of it all

  • Anti-Incumbent and Anti President

  • Bad News is better than Good

  • You can find it if you look

  • Media remains a business

Confirmation bias

Confirmation Bias

  • We favor information that meets our viewpoint

  • We do not care if it is true or false

  • All other information is biased

Where we see the most bias

Where We see the Most Bias

  • Editorial Pages

  • Talk Radio

  • The Internet

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