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Multimedia Presentation. By: Melissa, Michelle, and Tara. Today we will share with you…. The standard we are focusing on. 10 Accommodations that can be made in this area. 5 Modifications that can be made in this area. 5 Resources for teachers. Tips for parents. Research findings.

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Multimedia presentation

Multimedia Presentation

By: Melissa, Michelle, and Tara

Today we will share with you

Today we will share with you…

  • The standard we are focusing on.

  • 10 Accommodations that can be made in this area.

  • 5 Modifications that can be made in this area.

  • 5 Resources for teachers.

  • Tips for parents.

  • Research findings.

  • Special Organizations.

  • Technology in the classroom.

English language arts standard 3 a 3

English Language Arts Standard 3.A.3

  • Write compositions that contain complete sentences and effective paragraphs using English conventions.








Providing additional instruction in English language arts where students experience difficulty.

Structuring program activities so that students have ample time to master one set of skills before moving onto the next.

Modifying paragraph requirements on a rubric.

Allowing students to use aids such a dictionaries on tests or graded papers.

Reducing the number of paragraphs students are required to write for example the number of paragraphs they must have for an essay.


Teacher resources

Teacher Resources

If You're Trying to Teach Kids how to Write...: ...You've Gotta Have This Book!Marjorie Frank, Leslie Britt (Editor), Kathleen Bullock (Illustrator), Judy Howard (Illustrator)Paperback - REV, August 1995


ISBN: 0865303177Format: Paperback, 256ppPub. Date: August 1995

  • Publisher: Incentive Publications, IncorporatedEdition Description: REVEdition Number: 1Barnes & Noble Sales Rank: 52,974Age Range: 12 and upSeries:Kids' Stuff Ser.

Teacher resources1

Teacher Resources

  • Improving Your Child's Writing Skills

    by Carl B. Smith

    Using actual children's compositions, this fun guidebook takes kids through the entire process of writing, from Pre-Writing and Drafting to Revising and Proofreading. Includes guidelines to help improve: spelling, grammar, organization, descriptive writing, letter writing, writing narratives, and writing fiction. Practical worksheets are included to hone the skills of young writers. Gives parents a basic strategy for helping their children become more effective writers for school and the workplace. $14.95 | 158-2021 | Book

Teacher resources2

Teacher Resources

Developing Composition Skills Includes

Author(s): Mary R. Ruetten

Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Publication Date: 2003

Edition: 2nd

Part of a Series: Yes Teacher's Manual, Colored Pictures, Cassette Tapes, Audio CD, Workbook, and Video.

Teacher resources3

Teacher Resources

Author(s):Robert Krohn and the Staff of the Michigan English Language Institute

Publisher: The University of Michigan Press

Publication Date: 2001

Edition: 2nd

Part of a Series: Yes Teacher's Manual, Colored Pictures, Cassette Tapes, Audio CD, Workbook, and Video

Teacher resources4

Teacher Resources

Writing Simplified: A Composition GuideNorwood Selby, Pamela S. BledsoePaperback, June 2003


Writing tips for parents

Writing Tips for Parents

Research findings for teachers

Research findings for Teachers…

  •  1. ALA   American Library Association

    Resource Guides

    @ your library School Library Campaign

    AASL Advocacy Toolkit

    Electronic Discussion Lists

    Information Power

    Position Statements

    Publications & Journals

    Resource Guides

     American Association of School Librarians and Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning . Chicago: American Library Association, 1998. ISBN 0-8389-3470-6

  • Available from the ALA Online Store at or call 866-SHOP ALA (866-746-7252); an online preview is available at

More research findings

More Research Findings…

2. The Project Approach: Meeting the State Standards

Grafton Elementary School


This paper suggests that when engaged in project work, children apply most of the skills identified in the age-appropriate state learning standards. To illustrate how good-quality project work addresses the Illinois state learning standards, this paper describes a project conducted by a second-grade class on their community—Grafton, Illinois. The paper focuses on two children who, as part of the Grafton project, studied churches in the community. The paper describes the project’s three phases and discusses how, through the process of investigating a topic of interest to them, representing their new knowledge, and sharing their work with others, the children applied the skills identified by the Illinois state learning standards as necessary for early elementary school students.

*Found on the ISBE website.

More research findings1

More Research Findings…

  • 3. Assessment to Prevent Reading Failure in Young Children

    Joseph K. Torgesen

    American Educator

    Spring/Summer 1998

    reprinted by permission

    One of the most compelling findings from recent reading research is that children who get off to a poor start in reading rarely catch up. As several studies have now documented, the poor first-grade reader almost invariably continues to be a poor reader And the consequences of a slow start in reading become monumental as they accumulate exponentially over time. As Stanovich pointed out in his well-known paper on the "Matthew effects" associated with failure to acquire early word reading skills, these consequences range from negative attitudes toward reading, to reduced opportunities for vocabulary growth, to missed opportunities for development of reading comprehension strategies, to less actual practice in reading than other children receive.

Special organization on line

Special Organization (on-line)


    Software Programs for Developing Reading Skills

    Author: Julie Coiro

    Published on: April 1, 2002

    Suite Book Committee Recommendation:

    Grammatically Correct: The Writer's Guide to Punctuation, Spelling, Style, Usage and Grammar

    Anne Stilman, Regular Price $19.99

Special organization on line1

Special Organization (on-line)


    The council for exceptional children offer resources such as: professional development and training, publications, products, professional standards, CEC career connections, discussion forums, international programs, IDEA partnership, information center for disabilities and gifted education, and CEC unit information.

Special organization on line2

Special Organization (on-line)


  • This web site the Jewish Children’s Bureau (which is based out of Chicago), offers parent groups, sibling groups, social skills groups, Glick family camp, parents with disabilities group, parent education lectures, resources, referrals, clinical consultation, individual and family counseling.

Special organization on line3

Special Organization(on-line)

  • National Writers Union

    This website has information for all writers. Some of the information that this website has is journals, post your resume, finding a job, books, contract advice, links and resources, interns and volunteers.

Special organization on line4

Special Organization (on-line)

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

This website has books, journals, conventions, grants, awards, and teacher prep. In addition, the website has information for parents and students in elementary, middle, secondary, and college.

Available technology

Available Technology

Two examples of technology that could assist in the classroom

E #1 Tape Player to assist with completion of class activities or for the student to play directions back again.


Type: Sony CD & Cassette boom box with

digital AM/FM Turner with remote.

Model #: CFDS2505IL

Price: 59.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Available technology1

Available Technology

Examples of technology that could assist in the classroom.

  • E#2 Voice recognition WORD for computer processing

    Location: Best Buy or

    Type: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition-Windows

    Model: #N09-00048

    Price: 199.99

Web critiques

Web Critiques

  • Education World

  • Has lesson plans, worksheets, awards/certificates, tips for parents, articles about the subject areas.

  • Has been recently updated

  • Good website

Web critiques cont

Web Critiques (cont.)

  • Eslgold

  • Has recommended books for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced writer

  • Has tips and strategies to use when writing

  • Has books, tips, strategies for reading, grammar, punctuation, and etc.

  • Good website

Web critique cont

Web Critique (cont.)

EnableMart (Technology for everyone)

- has a variety of books, CDRoms for all the skill areas

- has movies for all skill areas (all are closed captioned)

- journals

- sell games in skill areas

- gives detailed description of each product

- can buy all on-line

- good website

Something to think about

Something to think about

“There is a brilliant child locked inside every student”

by: Marva Collins

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