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Web Design Revolution PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Website design is a broad term that encompasses a wide variety of tasks, all involved in the formation of web pages. But it took lot of time to what we see now in website designing that can be accessed through mobiles, computers and other accessories. For details ,visit http://dotwebz.com/

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Web Design Revolution

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Web design revolution

Web Design


Web design revolution

The internet, websites, web design; these all didn't come up in a day. It took a lot of time to what we see now. Now, websites are accessed through mobiles, computers, laptops, tablets, etc. The development phases of the web designs can be categorized into four generations. Here we point out the different phases of web designs.

Web design revolution


1960s - The Hypertext concept was invented by Ted Nelson. But it was used only decades after its invention.

Web design revolution

1980s - Tim Berners-Lee created the Internet and used the hypertext coding language.

Web design revolution

1990s - World Wide Web came into existence and HTML was the only coding language for web design at that time.

Web design revolution


1992 to 1994 - Developers all over began adding up their own fragments of HTML codes. Consequently, HTML 2 was born to put a stop to the uncertainty of the growing HTML 1 tags.

Web design revolution


1995 - Further HTML tags have come forward and HTML 3 was born giving the designers an alternative to make use of HTML B tables and style sheets. Microsoft also published their own browser, the Internet Explorer in 1995. This phase gave designers more autonomy to modify and redecorate their web design and consequently, more vibrant and good-looking third generation web sites evolved.

Web design revolution


2000s - Today's Websites are categorized as the fourth generation websites. Alongside with HTML, web designers can also make use of other coding tools such as JavaScript, Flash, XML, CSS, etc. HTML 5 also comprises of many new syntax attributes together with the combination of SVG content, and adding video, audio & canvas.

Web design revolution

DotWebz is a web development company which provides with designs that are up-to-date with the latest technological advancement and which attracts more users. DotWebz is a part of Gescis Technologies, which gives importance to efficient and systematic functioning. Professional designers with many years of experience are employed at DotWebz to provide service for you.


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