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Ch. 23 Flashcards. Estate. The term for any social class in France before the French Revolution. Great Fear. The wave of rumors and senseless panic that overcame France following the storming of the Bastille in 1789. Guillotine.

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Ch. 23 Flashcards

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Ch. 23 Flashcards


The term for any social class in France before the French Revolution

Great Fear

The wave of rumors and senseless panic that overcame France following the storming of the Bastille in 1789


A machine for beheading people that was used during the French Revolution


He set out to build a French “republic of virture”; his rule became known as the Reign of Terror

Coup d’ etat

Napoleon’s seizure of power in France in 1789, a sudden overthrow of a government

Napoleonic Code

A comprehensive system of laws that eliminated many injustices and gave France a uniform set of laws


The site of Napoleon’s defeat by British and Prussian armies in 1815, which ended his last bid for power

Congress of Vienna

The meetings that set policies to promote security and stability in Europe after Napoleon’s defeat

National Assembly

A legislative body created by the Third Estate to pass laws in the name of the French people 1789

Tennis Court Oath

The pledge by the Third Estate delegates to stay put until they had drawn up a new constitution


A term for a noble or lord who had fled France and hoped to undo the Revolution and restore the Old Regime

Sans Culottes

A term that referred to the trousers of the radical workers and shopkeepers during the French Revolution


A member of the radical political club that made many of the government changes in September 1792


Vote of the people, such as the one in France in 1800 to approve a new constitution


An agreement, such as the one in which Napoleon and the pope agreed to change the Church-state relationship

Continental System

Napoleon’s policy of using a blockade to isolate Great Britain from all other European nations

Klemens von Metternich

The Austrian foreign minister who distrusted the democratic ideals of the French Revolution


The principle under which the ruling royal families driven from their thrones by Napoleon should be restored

Holy Alliance

An agreement of Russia, Austria, and Prussia to act with Christian principles against revolutionaries

Concert of Europe

A series of alliances that ensured the European nations would help one another if any revolutions broke out

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