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DBQ FDR vs. Hoover. Was Hoover as conservative as previously thought? Was FDR as Liberal as previously thought?. Doc A Summary- Candidate Hoover, 1928, pre-GD.

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DBQ FDR vs. Hoover

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DBQ FDR vs. Hoover

Was Hoover as conservative as previously thought?

Was FDR as Liberal as previously thought?

Doc A Summary- Candidate Hoover, 1928, pre-GD

  • Candidate Hoover is saying the Government should get somewhat involved to prevent abuses by business and not stand aside (not Laissez-Faire)

Doc A Outside Information

  • Think of Republicans or groups that wanted government intervention before the Great Depression hit

Document B- Pres Hoover 1930

  • Government is doing more than ever to create jobs and help the unemployed

    Look up numbers in the doc and input into your summary

Document B OI

  • Think of programs started by Hoover that shows he tried to help

Document C- Pres Hoover 1931

  • 1st Sum-Hoover is willing to commit the federal government to help people

    • Look up numbers

  • OR 2nd Sum-He is afraid that too much government aid will jeopardize private donations to charities if people think that government will come to the aid of everyone in need

Doc. C OI

  • 1st Summary- same as Doc B

  • 2nd summary- look for ideas where Americans felt that the fortunate should help the less fortunate

Doc D Political Cartoon 1931

  • President Hoover is trying to help but is not being effective. Europe has fallen of the waterfall and has failed, while the rest of the America is about to fall off too into failure.

Doc D OI

  • Look up programs and ideas by Hoover that failed and made things worse/president look bad

Doc E- Candidate FDR, 1932

  • FDR wants to cut federal spending

    • Looks for a number to support idea

Doc E OI

  • Define Keynesian Economics

Doc F US Government Finances showing how much the government spends and Debt

  • Summary #1- 1929-1932- Hoover- spending goes up (Expend- look at how much) and debt increases in 1932(Look at how much)

  • Summary #2- FDR increases spending from 1933 to 36 (look at how much) but spends 14 billion in 1941 (WHY? WHY not earlier?)

Doc F OI

  • Think of New Deal programs (what was that money of FDR’s being spent on?)

Doc G Pres FDR 1936 Re-election

  • Defines conservatism as seeking to protect private property and he is using the government (liberal) to protect peoples property (conservative)

Doc G OI

  • Think of purpose of government based on founders ideas

  • Think of how FDR is trying to protect Am property (which New Deal agencies are designed to protect “PROPERTY”)

DOC H Pres FDR 1937- inauguration speech

  • FDR is a born again liberal and wants the government to now serve as the primary means to solve the nations problems get Americans the aid they need


  • Define New Deal

  • List and define alphabet agencies

  • Court Packing? What has changed?

Rough Outline

  • Need to use 5 DOCS and about 4-6 OI

    • create 2 columns- Hoover/FDR and list docs (ID if the doc shows them to be conservative or liberal) and OI

  • Essay could be 2 or 4 paragraphs

  • Begin by focusing on how both Presidents were what you thought

  • THEN, explain how they were not as liberal or conservative as previously thought

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