40 years of fedex
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40 Years of FedEx

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40 Years of FedEx - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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40 Years of FedEx. Fun Facts. fedexcares.com. Fact 1. FedEx used 389 Federal Express employees and 14 Dassault Falcon jets to deliver 186 packages overnight to 25 U.S. cities on its first day in business . Fact 2.

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40 years of fedex

40 Years of FedEx

Fun Facts


fact 1
Fact 1

FedEx used 389 Federal Express employees and 14 Dassault Falcon jets to deliver 186 packages overnight to 25 U.S. cities on its first day in business.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 2
Fact 2

FedEx helped bring Jaws to life by carrying the star, a 13-foot tiger shark from Florida, in a 15-foot casket to Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., where the film was shot, in 1974.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 3
Fact 3

FedEx Express transported 630 tons (504,000 bottles) of 2004 Beaujolais Nouveau wine from Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport to Japanese enthusiasts anticipating the annual uncorking on November 18, 2004.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 4
Fact 4

FedEx Canada diverted an aircraft to the small community of Goose Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador to rescue 60 puppies and delivered them to Halifax, Nova Scotia where they found new homes.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 5
Fact 5

After three five-week-old orphaned cougar kittens were found by a Duvall, Wash., homeowner in 2004, FedEx worked with the Memphis Zoo to transport them to their new home.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 6
Fact 6

In 1985, RPS Inc. (now FedEx Ground) is founded in Pittsburgh, PA and introduces bar code labeling to the ground transportation industry.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 7
Fact 7

Seventeen classic Ferraris, worth millions of dollars, were shipped via FedEx from Brussels to the U.S. for a car show.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 8
Fact 8

Since 2005, FedEx Freight has delivered over 120,000 live Christmas trees to military troops and their families across the U.S.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 9
Fact 9

FedEx installed its very first drop-box in 1975.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 10
Fact 10

Fedex.com’sinterNetShip made FedEx the first company to allow customers to process shipments online.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 12
Fact 12

FedEx Freight shipped the 3,000 lb. Spirit of Liberty Bell from Bryn Mawr, Penn., to Fort Hood, Texas, for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 13
Fact 13

In 1913, C.J. Tower & Sons – the forerunner of FedEx Trade Networks—began operations as a customs broker in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 14
Fact 14

FedEx Custom Critical moved 70,000 sea turtle eggs from the oil-threatened Gulf Coast to an incubation facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL where the hatchlings were later released into the Atlantic Ocean.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 15
Fact 15

The first FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s) store, which opened in Santa Barbara, Calif., in 1970, was so small that the copier was rolled out on the sidewalk during busy times to accommodate walk-up customers.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 16
Fact 16

FedEx transported the yacht for the U.S. Paralympic Sailing Team from the East Coast to Sydney, Australia, for the 2000 Paralympic Games.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 17
Fact 17

In 1981 Federal Express introduced the Overnight Letter.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 18
Fact 18

FedEx transported the “Phoenix” capsule, a device used to aid in the rescue of 33 miners who were trapped for nearly ten weeks in a Chilean mine. Following the rescue, the capsule toured the globe before returning to Santiago, Chile.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 19
Fact 19

Two giant pandas, Le Le and YaYa, made their way to the Memphis Zoo from China via a custom-painted FedEx MD-11 jet, which was renamed "The FedEx PandaExpress" during the 15-hour journey.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 20
Fact 20

There are 365 hybrid-electric vehicles in FedEx’s fleet. Since hitting the road in 2004, 300,000 gallons of fuel have been saved.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 21
Fact 21

FedEx shipped a windmill from Denmark.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 22
Fact 22

FedEx transported Russian Empress Catherine the Great\'s collection of historic artifacts from St. Petersburg to Memphis for a special exhibition.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 23
Fact 23

A Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter weighing 11,000 lbs. was shipped via FedEx to Narita, Japan.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 24
Fact 24

In 2003, FedEx Express and FedEx Home Delivery teamed to deliver over 400,000 copies of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” to eager readers.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 25
Fact 25

FedEx transported an eight-ton statue of Filipino war hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal, who inspired the 1896 revolution against Spanish domination, from the Philippines to Spain.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 26
Fact 26

A four-ton high press water drill and 5,700 lbs. of rescue equipment were flown to Midland, Texas, by FedEx to aid in the rescue of 18-month-old Jessica McClure from a well in 1987.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 27
Fact 27

FedEx shipped a five-ton communications satellite from Los Angeles to a remote site in China.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 28
Fact 28

FedEx Freight driver Don Logan was crowned National Grand Champion at the 2012 National Truck Driving Championships.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 29
Fact 29

FedEx shipped a table owned by Vincent van Gogh from Auvers-sur-Oise, France to Basel, Switzerland where it was part of an exhibition.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 30
Fact 30

FedEx shipped a delectable three-tonne shipment of a chocolate replica of the Notre-Dame Cathedral from the Salon du Chocolat show in Paris to the Chocolate Show Event in New York.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 31
Fact 31

FedEx Carbon-Neutral Envelope Shipping was introduced at no cost to consumers to help improve the carbon footprint not only at FedEx, but also for customers’ businesses.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 32
Fact 32

The first color copier used by FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s) was at a center in Topeka, KS. It was operated by the one and only person trained to do so – a blind man.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 33
Fact 33

In 1987, FedEx Canada was the first Canadian courier to use dedicated airlift.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 34
Fact 34

FedEx shipped a giant snowball from Wisconsin to a lucky child in Memphis.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 35
Fact 35

FedEx specially-chartered an Airbus A310 to return 19 penguins and two sea otters to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas after an eight-month refuge in California following Hurricane Katrina.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 36
Fact 36

The FedEx hub in Oakland relies heavily on solar power for its energy use. FedEx unveiled one of California\'s largest corporate solar-power installations at its Oakland Hub in 2005. Today the 904-kilowatt solar array provides approximately 80 percent of the peak load demand for the facility and adds nearly one megawatt of zero-pollution electric generating capacity to the city of Oakland.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 37
Fact 37

In 2005, FedEx launched around the world flights-Eastbound and Westbound-to provide faster, better connectivity to the major markets around the world.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 38
Fact 38

FedEx transported 90 tons of stranded materials for the "Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition," including a 3,000 pound piece of the ship\'s hull, from Milan, Italy, to Atlanta, Ga., via a FedEx Express MD-11 in 2006.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 39
Fact 39

FedEx Ground handled the just-in-time shipment of 164,000 Monopoly: Here & Now games to East Longmeadow, Mass., for Hasbro in 2006.

FedEx Fun Facts

fact 40
Fact 40

In 2005 FedEx Office took on a job from Wal-Mart that “couldn’t be done” - to produce 6.4 million black and white fliers in a matter of two days? FedEx Office made the impossible possible and delivered all 6.4 million copies to the world’s largest retailer just in time.

FedEx Fun Facts