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English Learners (EL). Gary Martin EL (Title III) Consultant ONGL-Division of Learning Services Diverse Learners Branch. BOY September 23 Begins 9 AM. TOPICS. Welcome Infinite Campus Overview of Title III Data User Rights and the IC Support Process

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English Learners (EL)

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Presentation Transcript

English Learners (EL)

Gary Martin

EL (Title III) Consultant

ONGL-Division of Learning Services

Diverse Learners Branch

BOY September 23 Begins 9AM


  • Welcome

  • Infinite Campus Overview of Title III Data

  • User Rights and the IC Support Process

  • Immigrant Data & Requirements for Funding Eligibility

  • Status Types for LEP (EL) and Definitions

  • LEP Data & Requirements for Funding Eligibility

  • Data Extract and Critical Errors

  • Transfers

  • Q & A

Why is accurate data so important?

  • Meet the Office for Civil Rights program requirements for the education of English Learners

  • Provide KDE and the Title III Program data to help support districts as they work with their English Learners and Immigrant students to:

    • Understand eligibility requirements for federal and state funding

    • Choose a research-based educational approach

    • Identify and assess these students

    • Develop and implement a research-based program of services

    • Provide appropriate staffing and resources

    • Implement federal and state criteria for transitioning students from services

    • Monitor transitioned students

    • Periodically evaluate and improve their program by decision-making based on data

Infinite Campus Overview

  • Specific data elements for ELs must be collected to ensure that accurate data will be used in federal reporting and as the basis for funding allocations

  • Data collection in IC includes student demographics, LEP Service type, ACCESS for ELLs® test scores, Instructional Accommodations and Assessment Accommodations

  • Users need to follow the 2013-14 IC Data Standards that explain each field for correct data entry!!

  • http://education.ky.gov/districts/tech/sis/Pages/KSIS-Data-Standards.aspx

General Information for Title III Data

Important: User Tool Rights!

  • To access Campus Tabs & Tools discussed in this session:

    • You may need additional tool rights to access the features mentioned in this presentation

    • Contact your Infinite Campus District Point of Contact (POC) to obtain the proper tool rights if needed

    • http://education.ky.gov/districts/tech/sis/Pages/KSIS-District-Contacts.aspx

Support Process

Immigrant Data and Requirements

Definition OF IMMIGRANT an student

  • For Title III purposes, an immigrant student:

    • is aged 3 through 21;

    • was not born in any State, which is defined by the US Department of Education as one of the 50 United States, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. (Adopted children from other countries and children born on military bases are included in this definition for Title III)

    • has NOT been attending one or more schools in any one or more States for more than 3 full academic years

Immigrant Subgrants

  • Federal Immigrant Awards go to eligible entities with significant increaseas compared to the average of the two preceding fiscal years. LEA’s are awarded a base allocation determined by the number increased. Remainder of award distributed by the number of students served.

  • Immigrant and Title III LEP are awarded as separate Subgrants.

Requirements: funding

  • To be eligible for Title III immigrant funding, a student has to meet these conditions:

    • the federal definition of immigrant children and youth

    • be enrolled in an elementary or secondary school

    • have a date in “Date Entered US School” in the Demographics tab that isnot more than 3 years

Immigrant Data Fields

  • Student Information>General>Enrollment Tab>Enrollment Editor>State Reporting Fields

Census>People>Demographics Tab

LEP Data

Overview of LEP Tab

LEP Tab Path: Student Information>Program Participation>LEP

LEP/EL: Status Types

  • Not LEP–student who is screened for English language proficiency because he/she comes from a non-English background, and upon initial assessment of English language proficiency scores Fully English Proficient (FEP).

  • LEP –student who has been federally defined and in Kentucky scores less than 5.0 on the W-APT Screener for grades 1-12; Kindergarten students do not exit until they reach FEP on the 1st grade ACCESS.

  • Exited LEP–a student, after having been designated LEP based on the initial assessment of English language proficiency, subsequently scores FEP on the ACCESS assessment of English language proficiency and enters a monitoring status for two years.

Active LEP Record



Exited LEP

English Learners (LEP)

  • LEP Extract (October 1)

  • Critical Errors Correction

  • Transfer Information

Gary Martin

KY State Reporting >LEP Extract

Gary Martin

Generating the Report

Gary Martin

Kentucky LEP Extract Record

Gary Martin

Critical Errors

Gary Martin

Correcting LEP Service Type Critical Errors

Gary Martin

LEP Services

Gary Martin

Program Participation> LEP> LEP Services> Detail Editor

Gary Martin

LEP Start Date

Gary Martin

LEP Service Type

Gary Martin

Parent Refuses Services

Gary Martin

End Dating LEP Services

Gary Martin

Printing Service History

Gary Martin

Print Service History

Gary Martin

Correcting Accommodations Critical Errors

Gary Martin

LEP Accommodations

Gary Martin

Program Participation> LEP> LEP Accommodations> Detail Editor

Gary Martin

LEP Accommodations Start Date

Gary Martin

LEP Accommodation Type

Gary Martin

End Dating Accommodations

Gary Martin

Print Accommodations History

Gary Martin

Accommodations Report

Gary Martin

Home Language Errors/Warnings

Critical Error: Home Language 0400: English (will not pull data)

Warning: Home Language 1630: Other (will pull data)

Gary Martin

Census> People

Gary Martin

Home Primary Language

Gary Martin

Home Primary Language

Gary Martin

Date Entered U.S.

Gary Martin

Transfer Students – Student Locator

Gary Martin

Records Transfer Request

Gary Martin

Former District Inbox

Gary Martin

Records Release

Gary Martin

Transfer Documents Screen

Gary Martin

District Receiving RecordsNotice in Process Inbox

Gary Martin

Student Records Released

Gary Martin

LEP Import Wizard

Gary Martin

LEP Confirmation

Gary Martin

Extended Census Import Wizard

Gary Martin

Extended Census Import Wizard

Gary Martin

Additional Resources

  • http://education.ky.gov/specialed/EL/Pages/default.aspx

  • http://education.ky.gov/AA/distsupp/Pages/EL-Testing.aspx

  • http://www.wida.us/index.aspx

Gary Martin

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